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Fuel prices rise in Turkey as special consumption tax hiked

Turkey raised its special consumption tax (SCT) on some petrol and diesel types as well as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), propane and butane by rates ranging between 54%-189%, prompting hikes in pump prices at fuel stations on Thursday.

The tax on 95 octane petrol was raised to TL 1.3313 per liter from 0.8652 and to 1.5836 from 1.0283 on 98 octane petrol, according to a statement in the Official Gazette.

The tax on diesel oil was raised to TL 1.2931 per liter from 0.7253, while the tax on LPG was raised to 0.8107 from 0.2810.

The Energy Petrol and Gas Supply Stations Employers’ Union (EPGIS) said pump prices were raised as a result of the tax hikes, with petrol prices rising by TL 0.55 per liter, diesel oil by TL 0.67 and LPG by TL 0.35.

With the latest increase, the price of gasoline in Istanbul rose to TL 7.72 and diesel price to TL 7.19.

In the capital Ankara and western Izmir, the price of gasoline increased to TL 7.80, while the price of diesel rose to TL 7.27.


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