Fresh strawberries are exported throughout the year with soilless agriculture from the Western Mediterranean

Sales of strawberries abroad from the Western Mediterranean reached $171 thousand 900 with an increase of 186% compared to the same period of the previous year on January 1-March 17.

In Antalya, which has a say in greenhouse agriculture, fresh strawberries are offered to consumers for 12 months with soilless production.

Different fruits and vegetables grown in Antalya, which has a rich variety of products in agriculture, are sold domestically and abroad. The city, which stands out with its fresh vegetable and fruit sector in exports, also uses agricultural technologies in the best way.

Soilless agriculture, which has come to the fore in order to increase the quality and yield of the product, is becoming widespread throughout the city. One of the products grown with soilless agriculture is strawberries. The production of strawberry, which normally has a 6-month season, is extended to 12 months with soilless agriculture.

Strawberry export of approximately $171 thousand in 2.5 months from the region

According to the data of the Western Mediterranean Exporters Union, last year, $2 million 120 thousand 202 of strawberries were exported from the region where Antalya, Isparta and Burdur are located.

This year, there was a significant increase in strawberry exports. The region, which exported $60 thousand 196 of strawberries between January 1 and March 17 last year, signed an export of $171 thousand 900 with an increase of 186% in the same period this year.

“Soilless strawberry production is becoming widespread”

Antalya Agriculture and Forestry Director Gokhan Karaca told Anadolu Agency (AA) that strawberry production with soilless agriculture has become increasingly widespread in the city.

Stating that 9 producers in Antalya produce strawberries with soilless agriculture in an area of approximately 155 decares, Karaca said, “Due to the high added value and the market demand, the producers have turned to soilless agriculture. In this way, strawberries can be produced in every period of the year.”

Stating that the city has a serious potential in the export of strawberries, Karaca stated that there was a significant increase in strawberry exports compared to the first two months of last year.

1 ton of strawberries are harvested per day from 15 decares

Burak Akbulut, the marketing manager of a company that produces strawberries in Serik district, said that they produce strawberries with soilless agriculture in an area of 15 decares.

Emphasizing that the shelf life of strawberries produced in this system is longer and its aroma is more intense, Akbulut said, “We obtain four times more yield than the soil-based agriculture. We provide the minerals and vitamins taken by strawberries from the soil with a homogeneous distribution with hydroponic (soilless plant growing method) system.”

Explaining that they tear the strawberries from their branches and leave them in their special containers without touching their fingers, Akbulut stated that the export potential of this system is higher.

Akbulut stated that they export strawberries to Kazakhstan and Russia as a company, and added saying, “Around one ton of harvest is made from 15 decares of land per day. We also export around 2 tons of products per week. In the period when there is no production in the field, we can produce strawberries in the greenhouse with the hydroponic system, and we always offer fresh strawberries to the consumer. “

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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