For SMEs: How to take precautions against cyber attacks?

Last year, there were 1,692,320 malware attacks in Turkey alone. In Turkey, where there was an 81% increase compared to last year, the idea that cyber attacks are an invisible risk, especially for SMEs, disappears.

Approximately 99.8% of the enterprises in Turkey are SMEs. SMEs, which constitute 77.8% of employment in Turkey, have 53.2% of investment share and 54.2% of production. SMEs, which have a very important place for Turkey’s economy, have to keep up with digitalization by following technology and innovations in order to protect their assets. Many SMEs are striving to improve themselves by investing in digital transformation. Especially after the pandemic, advantages and disadvantages have emerged for many SMEs that focus on e-commerce. Because the digital infrastructure is not secure and robust enough, it brings risks. So, how to take precautions against this situation?

Building a solid and secure infrastructure

It is necessary to be sensitive about the webserver, e-commerce software and security components to be selected in the first place. These are of great importance to protect against possible attacks. In addition to using firewall and antivirus software, we should not neglect the points such as strong passwords and even double authentication entries.

Regularly checking

Although a solid and secure infrastructure has been established, the same sensitivity should be shown in the continuation. It is very important to keep the software up-to-date and to check it from time to time. The storage of unnecessary information can be reduced by cleaning at certain periods. However, it should not be forgotten that important data is also backed up.

To be informed and to inform

Knowing about cyber risks is very important for both business owners and employees. Since the vast majority of cyber-attacks are caused by human error, all employees must be informed. Knowing about digital crime types is the first step to being prepared and being protected from them. When necessary steps are taken, the dangers faced by businesses are limited and businesses and their employees are kept safe. In addition, it will be very beneficial for employees to receive training on this subject so that they do not risk themselves and their companies.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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