European electricity demand declines by 7%

UK is least affected, Italy reduced its demand by 20% over past 2 weeks

While countries across Europe have significantly curbed public life in a bid to fight against coronavirus pandemic, European countries have seen electricity demand fall 2-7% week-on-week with the U.K least impacted so far, according to an electricity analyst at climate thinktank Ember.

“These are very significant falls in the context of electricity demand, where temperature-adjusted changes are normally small,” said Dave Jones in a recent analysis.

Jones said Italy, Spain and possibly France have been having double the influence of any other country and 20% in Italy in the last 2 weeks.

“Last Friday, the Italian utility A2A said that coronavirus was responsible for a 15% fall in electricity demand across the whole of Italy and that the fall was as much as 25% in northern regions of Italy,” Jones said.

Germany’s demand for electricity dropped by Friday to 6%, Jones said, as more factories closed down the week while Poland had daily falls of around 5% from Monday to Friday.

Anadolu Agency

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