Electricity Subscription Fee 2021 – How Much is the Subscription Fee?

There is a security deposit that you have to pay during the application for starting an electricity subscription for your home or workplace. In order to take over the electricity subscription, it is necessary to make a retail sale agreement with the nearest electricity supplier, bringing the necessary documents with you. At this point, the question of how much is the electricity subscription fee is one of the most researched topics. Below you can find the table of fees you have to pay in order to claim the 2021 new electricity subscription or electricity subscription. So, how much is the 2020 electricity subscription start-up security deposit, how much is it?

Citizens who want to apply for a new electricity subscription or who want to take over the subscription of a residence that already has electricity are doing research on this subject. Those who want to find an answer to the question of how much is the electricity subscription fee and plan their budget accordingly are in the right place. You can access the electricity subscription connecting security deposit table under this heading. So, how much is the 2021 electricity subscription fee?


Electricity subscription fee varies according to some criteria. You can find information about the calculation of the amount of the security deposit that will be requested from you during the subscription application and how much it will be, via the table below.

Price NamePrice
Security DepositContract power for residential 33 TL/kW per kW
Cutting/Connecting Price₺37.3 per transaction
Stamp Duty9.48 per thousand of the total security deposit
Document PriceIt is determined according to the security deposit.

Security deposit is calculated over at least 5 kW contract power for residential subscribers, so the security deposit to be paid is at least ₺165. The average power for residences is 6kW (₺198).


  • Basic knowledge
  • Subscriber or counter number
  • Identity document (TC ID number)
  • DASK number or policy
  • Lease contract or title deed (if there is an open subscription to someone else at the address)
  • Power of attorney or authorization document for electricity subscription (if the transaction will be made as an authorized or proxy)
  • Combatant/disabled veteran or martyr’s relative certificate and residence certificate (for veterans and martyrs’ relatives)

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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