Eastern Anatolia Exporters Union exported $ 1.2B in 8 months

Exports made to 199 countries by the Eastern Anatolia Exporters Union (DAIB) in January-August period increased by 1.66 percent compared to the same period of 2019 and valued at $1 billion 198 million 997 thousand, in spite of Covid-19.

According to the data of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and DAIB, products were sent to 199 countries from DAIB business segments located in Agri, Ardahan, Batman, Bayburt, Bingol, Bitlis, Erzurum, Erzincan, Elazig, Igdir, Hakkari, Mus, Sirnak, Tunceli, Van, Kars and Siirt between January-August.

Agricultural products were exported the most in the 8-month period

DAIB member companies exported $922 million 456 thousand of industrial products and $193 million 245 thousand of agricultural products in January-July period of 2019; in the same period of this year, industrial exports decreased by 1.34 percent and valued at $910 million 117 thousand while agricultural exports increased by 24.5 percent and valued at $239 million 719 thousand. The exports of the mining industry amounted to $49 million 17 thousand in this period.  

Among the most exporting industrial sectors, chemical sector took the first place with $154 million 412 thousand export value; chemical sector was followed by the machinery sector with $148 million 488 thousand export value , ready made clothing sector with $127 million 57 thousand and automotive sector with $97 million 765 thousand.

In the January-August period, DAIB member companies earned $23 million 921 thousand from the agricultural exports of cereals, pulses, oil seeds, $53 million 976 thousand from the raw vegetable and fruit exports, $29 million 308 thousand from vegetable and fruit exports.

Furniture, paper and forestry exports also increased by 7.17 percent compared to the same period of 2019 and from $90 million 831 thousand to $97 million 343 thousand.

Most exports were to Iraq

DAIB exports in January-August period were mostly made to Iraq and valued at $274 million 874 thousand. Iraq was followed by Azerbaijan-Nakhichevan with $84 million 184 thousand export value, Germany with $74 million 489 thousand, Iran with $56 million 961 thousand and Libya with $34 million 172 thousand.

Ethem Tanriver, the board chairman of DAIB and supervisor board member of TIM stated that DAIB started the year 2020 very well in terms of exports just like the country exports. Explaining that there was a decrease in exports in March, April and May due to pandemic, Tanriver said:

” In the first 2 months until March, we had an average export surplus of more than 10 percent compared to the previous year. Our exports decreased in some months due to the pandemic, but as of June, our exports started to recover again. There was an increase of 64.80 percent in June exports and then we had an increase of about 15 percent in July and August. “

Tanriver emphasized that they will make more exports in the last 4 months of 2020 compared to last year and that they aim to close the year with an export increase, he said:

‘’ I congratulate our exporters who made great efforts in the very difficult conditions. Hopefully we will achieve much better export figures and greater export opportunities in 2021.’’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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