Early booking in tourism started “fast”: There is high demand

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB), Firuz Baglikaya said that there was a high demand for the early reservation campaign, which was launched about 2 weeks ago.

Firuz Baglikaya stated that the tourism sector left behind an active season this year despite the epidemic. Stating that those who want to have a safe holiday with the measures and precautions taken, prefer Turkey, Baglikaya said that they continue their promotional activities in order to host more tourists from abroad.

Noting that the early booking campaigns started about 2 weeks ago, Baglikaya said, “Early booking is going very well. It will continue at full speed until the end of February. It will slow down a bit like March. It will not be possible to catch up with the current opportunities in the future. Because the demand abroad continues to increase markedly. I recommend early booking. Because in the near future, it will not be possible to find a place at the desired place, time and condition.”

Baglikaya stated that there is a demand for traditional tourism centers in early reservation elections.


Emphasizing that the expectations for the next year are high, Baglikaya said, “Turkey’s 2022 tourism year will be a year in which there will be an increase in tourists coming from both abroad and domestically. This is evident from today. Hopefully, we will reach 2019 figures in 2022. As we always say, starting from 2023, we will start the days full of records.”

Pointing out that expectations, marketing techniques and customer demands differ in tourism, Baglikaya stated that the sector has completed its preparations with both the public and private sectors to respond to this change.

Baglikaya underlined that Turkish tourism is very close to catching an exit, and said:

“We are a society that adapts and reacts very quickly to new conditions. With this feature, we stand out a little more than other countries. We are a little ahead of our competitors with our infrastructure and aggressive marketing structure. Therefore, we see that we will be more active in 2022 compared to other markets.”


Stating that there is a problem in international travel due to epidemic measures and some consulates do not provide services at the visa point, Baglikaya said that for this reason, the demands for international tours are not high.

Pointing out that they expect a very serious activity in the country at the beginning of the year, Baglikaya said, “Antalya, Izmir and winter holiday regions will be busy. Reservations are good. Our citizens do not hesitate to take a holiday with the measures taken. We will see this in the New Year.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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