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“Dynamic pricing” model will be applied on highways and bridges: crossings will be cheaper

The details of the 2021 Presidential Annual Program have been announced. There was also good news about bridge and highway prices in the program. According to the information in the program; “Dynamic pricing” model will be adopted on highways and bridges. In this model, citizens will be able to use toll roads cheaper on some days and hours.

The 2021 Presidential Annual Program included “dynamic pricing” regulation for highway and bridge fees. According to the program, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will begin studies on “dynamic pricing”, in which highway and bridge fees may vary instantly in 2021. It was stated:

 “Work will be started to implement a demand management system with dynamic pricing on highways and bridges.”

In addition, it was pointed out that demand management will be adopted to ensure the sustainability of the transportation system and the efficiency of the existing infrastructure, and transportation investments will be rationalized in the focus of efficiency.

A special software is used

In the model applied in Europe, the demand of the users is followed 24/7 with special software. According to the news in Sabah, the pricing strategy can also change according to the intensity or scarcity of demand. With the method used by airline companies, it is aimed to be used cheaper in less busy periods without causing damage to the operator. On the other hand, projects in the transportation sector will be reviewed in a priority and efficiency focus, taking into account criteria such as the need in the transportation system, traffic volume progress and tender status. Projects that lose priority and feasibility will be terminated.

Security will be prioritized

In the program, it was also stated that traffic safety is among the priority policies in our country and that training and inspection activities continue with the creation of a strategy document in this context. The program also included decisions regarding the work to be done on highways. Accordingly, the necessary legal and institutional arrangements will be completed to carry out maintenance and repair services on the road network mainly through performance-based contracts by the private sector.

source: haberler.com / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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