Destek Investment Bank made an agreement with Architect to create efficient and secure field of activity

Increasing numbers of investment banks are strengthening their technological infrastructure. Announcing that they have made an agreement with Destek Investment Bank, Architecht General Manager Dr. Mucahit Gundebahar said, “With our infrastructure solutions, we enable investment banks to start operating in a very short time.”

With the decision to establish an investment bank in order to create a more effective field of activity, Destek Finance Factoring received establishment permission from the BRSA in the past months.

Destek Investment Bank, which will be newly established, signed an agreement with Architect, one of Turkey’s leading fintech (financial technologies) companies, in order to create a more efficient and secure field of activity.

Architect General Manager Dr. Mucahit Gundebahar, who stated that they will provide all the technological infrastructure necessary to manage the investment banking processes from end to end, made a statement on the subject with the following words: “We have privatized our platform by transferring our long years of experience in banking to the field of investment banking at the request of the industry. We provide banks with a significant cost advantage in their IT operations.”


According to data from Research and Markets, the global investment banking market is expected to grow by 5% to reach $137.97 billion by 2025.

Stating that the figures match the trends in the market, Dr. Mucahit Gundebahar commented on this situation as follows: “The number of new generation fintech and payment institutions that serve individual customers is increasing day by day. It is predicted that the number of these institutions, which provide a more innovative and free user experience in the field of finance, and the variety of services they offer will increase significantly in the coming years. Financial companies that want to focus on corporate customers are already starting their attempts to open investment banks to take part in the banking system of the future.”


Stating that they have shaken hands with Destek Investment Bank thanks to their 30 years of experience in the financial sector and the new generation solutions they have developed, Gundebahar also shared detailed information about investment banking solutions: “We offer the end-to-end technological infrastructure that institutions need on a single platform. Our solutions have 2 outstanding features: Easy to use and fast installation. In terms of the finance sector, we make all the implementations in a very short time and enable investment banks to start operating quickly.”


Architect General Manager said, “We have developed a definition-based private banking software consisting of all key components from accounting and finance to treasury and foreign trade, from customer and receivables management to international banking. With our Integrated Workflow System, we provide easy management of complex workflow processes, and with the Document Management System, we ensure that documents are followed in a simple way. These two components of our product cause us to be preferred by many banks in Turkey and the Gulf countries.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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