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The year-end target for housing sales number is 1.4 million: Akkus Group

According to the statement of Abdulkadir Akkus, the board chairman of Akkus Group, housing sale numbers were good at the beginning of 2020; yet, declined in April and May due to the pandemic conditions and restrictions.

Stating that the low-credit housing loan support initiated in June, the campaigns implemented in the sector and the normalization steps brought dynamism to the sector again, Akkus pointed out that 590 thousand houses were sold throughout the country only in the 3-month period June-August.

Emphasizing that housing sales increased by 42.6 percent in 8 months of the year compared to the same period of 2019 and reached 1 million 25 thousand, Akkus stated that mortgaged housing sales increased by 263.7 percent, to 473 thousand 144 in this period. Noting that the record increase in mortgage sales is the biggest indicator of the low-credit support campaign, Akkus said:

 “Very important campaigns have been implemented for the buyer. Contractors have consumed almost most of their stocks. Now 2021 projects have started to come off the shelves. The price increase in current projects is not reflected in the sales figures; this also attracts the buyer, but the prices in question may not be seen in new projects.’’

Although the increase in interest rates slows down the sales, the year-end target is 1.4 million”

Abdulkadir Akkus stated that the most attractive factor in housing sales is the interest rates below 1 percent, he said:

“The moment the interest rates rise above 1 percent, the sales slow down. Unfortunately, we see that the numbers exceed this limit at the moment.

We expect the sales to continue in the remainder of the year despite all the troubles, we exceeded the limit of one million sales in 8 months. At the end of the year, despite all negative developments, especially the pandemic, we expect 1.4 million housing sales. This is a very important figure.’’

Noting that the construction sector supports 250 sub-sectors, Akkus emphasized that the low interest rate in housing campaign should continue for both employment and positive economic indicators.

Akkus reminded that it has always been said that 6 million houses must undergo transformation throughout the country, and emphasized the importance of accelerating this transformation. He said:

‘’ The number of houses sold to foreigners was 3 thousand 893 in August and the highest August figures in history were seen in 2020, there was a return to the pre-pandemic numbers in this area. The saving of foreign interest in Turkey is always continuing, there is a growing real estate investment of Chinese and Indian citizens in recent years. ‘’

‘’ We will start the year 2021 with 3 new projects.’’

Stating that the stocks of their own Group’s are about to run out, Akkus said that new investments have begun to be implemented. He said:

‘’ We will implement 3 projects at once next year; commercial units and residences will be found in these projects that will be started at Adnan Kahveci, Kavakli and Yakuplu districts of Beylikduzu region. There will be 500 independent sections in these projects and we are about to start the excavation work.’’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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