Denebunu received ₺6.5 million investment

The marketing technologies platform Denebunu founded by Duygu Akbudak and Baris Yesilcicek in 2016, provides brand-focused feedback to brands with products that their customers inspect thanks to its user base of over 2 million. Denebunu received a total investment of ₺6.5 million in the investment tour led by Maxis Innovative Venture-Capital Investment Fund with ₺3.8 million.

In the investment tour Albaraka Portfolio Start-Up GSYF (Venture-Capital Investment Fund) participated with ₺1.5 million, Denebunu’s current investors Nevzat Aydin, Firat Isbecer, Burak Divanlioglu, and Serkan Borancili accompanied the investment tour with a total of ₺1.2 million.

Brands that want to get direct and consistent feedback by their products being inspected by their target customers can easily achieve these goals thanks to the process infrastructure created by Denebunu and focused matching and customer evaluations provided by the algorithms.

Maxis Innovative Venture-Capital Investment Fund provides integrated and sustainable supports to the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Turkey and Isbank is the main investor of this. Maxis Innovative Venture-Capital Investment Fund has completed the year 2020 it started with the PCI Checklist investment in January with its Denebunu investment. Selami Duz, General Manager of Maxis, who has invested in Kolay IK, Mutlubiev, and PCI Checklist initiatives so far, stated that Denebunu achieved significant success with its high number of users in Turkey and focused feedback in a short time and they made investments to support the overseas expansion initiated by Denebunu’s proven team. Selami Duz also stated that they will continue to invest in early and advanced technology initiatives that have high potential to scale rapidly in 2021.

Duygu Akbudak, the founding partner and CEO of Denebunu, stated that they grew twice this year and after the pandemic, business partner brands started to invest more in digital channels. Akbudak emphasized that they want to achieve the success they have achieved in Turkey, thanks to their unique technological solutions and data-oriented perspectives, in their journey to provide end-to-end digital marketing services to more than 300 brands.

Source: egirisim / Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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