Cooperation from Hepsiburada and TOBB to support women entrepreneurs

Hanzade Dogan, Chairman of the Board of Hepsiburada, said, “With the Technology Power for Entrepreneur Women Program, we mobilize all our technology and marketing power for women.”

TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Board Chairman Nurten Ozturk pointed out that e-commerce offers new opportunities for women, and added saying, “Especially during the pandemic period, we made agreements with e-commerce marketplaces operating on a national scale, we offered advantageous packages to our women entrepreneurs, and for the first time we brought low commission sales to our businesses that will do e-commerce.”

According to the statement made by the brand, Technology Power for Entrepreneur Women Program was launched by Hepsiburada in 2017, under the vision and leadership of Hanzade Dogan, Founder and Chairman of the Board, in order to contribute to sustainable economic growth by supporting women’s participation in the economy. The program is taken one step further within the scope of the cooperation signed with the Women Entrepreneurs Board of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.

With the cooperation initiated to increase women’s participation in economic activities by moving their businesses to e-commerce and to gain power in e-commerce, it is aimed to support the rapid elimination of the effects of the difficult epidemic period.

A cooperation was initiated on March 8, International Women’s Day, in order to develop the e-commerce ecosystem, to ensure equal opportunities for entrepreneur women who want to move their business to e-commerce, and to support their digital transformations. With the cooperation initiated, nearly 8 thousand women entrepreneurs affiliated to the TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Board and Young Entrepreneurs Board and women’s cooperatives established by these entrepreneurs are provided with many opportunities such as 75% commission discount up to ₺50 thousand turnovers for the month of March, advertising and marketing support up to ₺30 thousand, photo shooting and cargo support, free online e-commerce training for cooperation.

In addition, Hepsiburada’s giant ecosystem, which hosts over 200 million visits per month by bringing 50 million product types in nearly 40 categories to its customers, contributes to the brand awareness of women entrepreneurs.

“E-commerce offers new opportunities for women”

Speaking in the statement, TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Board President Nurten Ozturk stated that women’s empowerment through establishing their own businesses will enable them to become stronger in the family and in the public sphere. Ozturk stated the following:

“E-commerce offers new opportunities for women. Online shopping gained momentum especially during the pandemic period. During the pandemic period, we all saw that companies that digitalized and engaged in e-commerce did not have trouble surviving, they even turned the crisis into an opportunity. The number of women entering the business by selling products they produce in their homes or workshops through online marketplaces is increasing every year. With this vision, as the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, we shed light on the digitalization of our women entrepreneurs and enabled them to turn towards e-commerce. Especially during the pandemic period, by making agreements with e-commerce marketplaces operating on a national scale, we offered advantageous packages to our women entrepreneurs, and for the first time, we brought low commission sales opportunities to our e-commerce businesses.”

Stating that they have started a new and comprehensive cooperation with Hepsiburada, Ozturk said, “We will provide commission discounts, advertising and marketing support, cargo support, training and consultancy services to our women entrepreneurs in the “TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Board and TOBB Young Entrepreneurs Board”, which will continue throughout March. In addition, with the private sales area that we will develop in partnership with Hepsiburada, our women entrepreneurs will be able to both exhibit their products and tell their success stories with short videos. As the Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Women Entrepreneurs Board, we will continue to provide all kinds of support for our women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.”

“We mobilize our technology and marketing power for women entrepreneurs”

Expressing her thoughts on the cooperation, Hepsiburada Chairman Hanzade Dogan emphasized the importance of women’s employment and women’s gaining power in business in a balanced economic growth.

Stating that they attach great importance to increasing the presence and contribution of women in all areas of life, Dogan said. “As the participation of women entrepreneurs in economic activities increases, both our life and our economy grow stronger and richer. Thus, we are moving fast towards becoming a competitive and stronger country that keeps pace with digital transformation. As Hepsiburada, we mobilize all our technology and marketing power for women with the Technology Power for Entrepreneur Women Program. With the cooperation between Hepsiburada and TOBB, we are pleased to include members of the TOBB Women Entrepreneurs and Young Entrepreneurs Board in our program, and we are pleased to offer additional contributions to women entrepreneurs who want to grow in e-commerce, to meet with e-commerce and access opportunities. Considering that gender equality should be the basis of a modern society, we will continue to work for women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by mobilizing all our means.”

With the Technology Power for Entrepreneur Women program launched by Hepsiburada in 2017 in order to increase women’s employment in order to achieve a balanced economic growth and to support women entrepreneurs in e-commerce, more than 19 thousand entrepreneur women have been reached so far.

95% of the women entrepreneurs who participated in the program benefited from 50 women’s cooperatives and 15 non-governmental organizations showed success in sales and increased their business 98 times.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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