Coca-Cola Turkey continues to support refreshment sector

Coca-Cola will advertise about more than 500 refreshment businesses in all around Turkey.

According to the company statement, Coca-Cola Turkey added a new support campaign to refreshment sector which is one of the sectors that affected the most by Covid-19.

Coca-Cola will support small restaurants meeting their customers again in this normalization period. Digitally displayed advertising images aiming at inviting customers will be presented over 500 spots in Turkey. Customers will be able to see their favourite venues that are reopened via Google search.

Coca-Cola started it’s ‘’This Coke is from Us’’ campaign in June; the campaign was started with the aim of benefitting the consumers and supporting the sale spots, they gifted cokes to 1.5 million people within this campaign.

Consumers are still able to reach this campaign via ‘’DahaDaha’’ application which is company’s online promotion platform. The first 1.5 million people that forming codes via DahaDaha application are able to obtain one of the Coca-Cola Original Flavour can 200 ml, Coca-Cola Zero can 200 ml and Coca-Cola can 330 ml free of charges.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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