CEO of Online shopping has gained great momentum

Serdar Karavil, CEO of, which has become the top turnover winner 3 times in the past 5 years, made evaluations about the increase in online shopping trends. Serdar Karavil said, “Online shopping has reached the point it has reached in 5 years, in a short time like 6 months, thanks to the great momentum it has achieved during the epidemic process.”

Online shopping, which started to be implemented for the first time in the world in 1995 and whose foundations were laid in our country as of 1997, offers individuals the opportunity to shop wherever and whenever they want, while offering companies the opportunity to do business and reach much more customers without opening a store, without incurring high operating costs.

With the advancement of web and mobile technology, the widespread use of internet and mobile devices, online shopping, whose trade volume is expanding day by day, has made its 5-year breakthrough in the epidemic process in a short time like 6 months. Serdar Karavil, CEO of, explained his views on the subject; “The factors that positively affect the online shopping environment in our country can be listed as the large population of our population, the high and increasing use of the internet, the development and increase in alternative payment options day by day, and the easy adaptation of the young population to the developing technology.”

Stating that they, as, are a newly established site, they have made a big breakthrough during the pandemic process, Karavil said, “While the rate of those who shopped online for the first time in Europe last year was 13%, this rate was 25% in our country. In such a period when people change their habits, customers who get used to the convenience and comfort of online shopping are expected to continue their habits after the epidemic process.” He said that is prepared for this.

Karavil said that states should also prepare the necessary infrastructure for online export and import, which is one step after online shopping. He stated that both companies and governments should focus on this issue, and that there are some pros and cons of online shopping in itself.

Serdar Karavil said, “From the point of view of the customer, you can choose the product you want with a few clicks rather than visiting the store. You are not stuck with any time and place limitations for shopping. In terms of companies, you have the opportunity to reach more customers for less operating costs.”

Serdar Karavil, the successful CEO of, said that in the last word, new business lines will emerge in online shopping, and every investment made in these areas will stimulate the economy and accelerate the economy.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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