CarrefourSA opened new gourmet market in Buyukali Zeytinburnu

CarrefourSA, the shareholding of Carrefour Group and Sabancı, opened a gourmet market in Zeytinburnu Buyukali in order to expand it’s gourmet market network.

According to CarrefourSA’s statement, the new gourmet market in Zeytinburnu has a space of 724 square meters and 20 employees.

This new gourmet market has a vast variety in products ranging from fish, fruit-vegetable, baked products to gluten-free, vegan, organic and more. Zeytinburnu gourmet market also offers home delivery service via Alo Sipariş and the service also includes cooked products, cooked fish, meat and there is no delivery fee for that.

Gourmet CarrefourSA experience is unique

According to the statement, CarrefourSA gourmet market shines out with 3 qualifications; design, vast product range and shopping space.

CarrefourSA gourmet markets create a unique experience for Turkish costumers who seek to different flavours by adding a variation to customer’s conventional taste.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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