BiP doubled the number of its active users overnight

During the interruption in international applications, BiP provided quality communication to its customers, doubling the number of active users in just one night.

According to the statement made by Turkcell, Turkey’s communication platform BiP has become the choice of millions by breaking usage records thanks to its strong infrastructure.

While BiP, developed by Turkish engineers, continues to be the choice of millions every day, millions preferred BiP, which provides secure and uninterrupted service, after the interruptions in global applications yesterday.

BiP doubled the number of active users in just one night. While half of the new users were international customers coming from outside Turkey, the number of messaging increased nearly 4 times in this process, while BiP’s total downloads exceeded 87 million.

Atac Tansug, Turkcell Assistant General Manager for Digital Services, whose views were included in the statement, stated that the developments once again brought the importance of domestic and national practices to the agenda, and said:

“As we have always said, we have seen once again through the process we went through yesterday that we should not stick to global practices. Thanks to the BiP developed by Turkish engineers, our users, not only in Turkey but also around the world, continued their communication in an uninterrupted and high quality manner.

That’s why we are working hard not to be confined to just a few international practices, and we pride ourselves on having a domestic platform with powerful features that make a difference to our competitors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank once again to all our users who prefer BiP.”


According to the information given, BiP provides fast and secure communication services not only in Turkey but also in 192 countries around the world.

BiP, which has different and superior features than its competitors, offers HD quality voice and group video calls for up to 15 people, as well as HD photo sharing.

BiP, which implements new features day by day by listening to its customers, introduced the ‘Status Feature’ to its users upon popular demand in the past days.

Standing out with its simplified design with its renewed interface, BiP allows chatting in 106 different languages while messaging thanks to its ‘Instant Translation’ feature, and offers uninterrupted communication not only in normal times but also in times of disaster with its ‘Emergency’ feature.

Thanks to the ‘Group Migration’ feature of BiP, which can be used by everyone, regardless of operator, around the world, users can quickly and easily transfer their groups and chat histories from the messaging application they used before to BiP.

While users are transferring their existing chat groups to BiP, they can automatically add users who have already installed BiP in the group to the application without having to select them one by one.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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