Balparmak’s international goal is to grow with the brand “Apitera”

Balparmak General Manager Onur Ozyurt said, “In the new period, our goal is to enter new markets in North America and Far Asia with our Apitera brand, propolis, and propolis-added functional products, in addition to our honey exports.”

According to the statement made by Balparmak, Balparmak has been carrying honey and bee products to the tables in the most natural and healthy form for 40 years and continues its success with exports to more than 20 countries such as America, the Middle East, and China.

Emphasizing that the most important secret underlying the success of Balparmak, which has been the export leader of the last three years in the sector with its exports, is the trust of consumers in Balparmak, Onur Ozyurt said:

“We carefully select the most natural honey produced all over our country within the scope of high food safety standards, analyze them in at least 100 parameters and deliver them to the table of consumers while preserving their purity. Not only that, we, as Balparmak, are showing our consumers the source of our products in great transparency with the priospot system we use in a foodstuff for the first time in the world. Thanks to the Priospot system, the consumer can easily access the information about which flowers and plants the source of the honey is, as well as the analysis report that documents that the honey is natural and healthy. For this, it is sufficient for the consumer to read the QR code in the Balparmak packages with their phone.”

“We will grow abroad with our Apitera brand”

Emphasizing that they aim to grow with propolis and propolis blended bee products developed under the brand of Balparmak Apitera in the next period, Ozyurt stated that they will start to implement a different model in export as of this year. He said, “Since the day we were founded, we have been working to ensure that honey and bee products, which are the most miraculous food in the world, find the value they deserve by preserving their naturalness and purity and become an indispensable element of quality life, we always deliver the highest quality products to our consumers.”

Ozyurt reminded that they are leaders in the sector with the confidence they have in Balparmak thanks to the quality standards that they have not compromised by developing with 40 years of experience, and said, “We are extremely happy to see the results of this trust in different corners of the world and crown them with meaningful awards. For 40 years, we have adopted a mission focused on creating benefits for the world by protecting bees, beekeepers, and bee products. We are proud to represent our country in the global arena with this mission. In addition to honey, we lead the sector with our value-added bee products that we have developed with our intensive R&D studies.”

Stating that Balparmak’s 40 years of expertise and the quality assurance it offers are also accepted abroad, Ozyurt said:

“Since 1994, we have been exporting to more than 20 countries, especially to Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, China, Azerbaijan, Singapore, and Japan. We are on the shelves of chain markets as well as markets that sell local and gourmet products in Europe. In 2018, we entered into chain markets such as Carrefour and the Union Cooperative Society in Dubai by making an important cooperation with IFFCO, one of the most important players in the fast-moving consumer sector in the United Arab Emirates. With this cooperation, we have achieved significant success in the Middle East market through national and local chain markets in the Middle East and Gulf countries, and traditional trade as well as out-of-home consumption channel representatives.”

Ozyurt said, “We aim to enter new markets such as North America and Far Asia with our value-added and functional products enriched with pure propolis and propolis, which we have developed under the roof of our Balparmak Apitera brand, and we want to expand our presence in national market chains in European countries. We firmly believe that in 2021, we will win the export championship, as in previous years, but this time not only with honey but also with high value-added bee products such as propolis.”

Balparmak maintains the success of being the export leader of the sector for three consecutive years at the “2017, 2018, 2019 Successful Exporters Awards” organized by the General Secretariat of Istanbul Exporters’ Associations (IIB) and the Istanbul Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters Association (ISHIB). In addition to its 51% market leadership in the Turkey branded honey category (excluding private label), it also holds the position of Turkey’s largest branded honey exporter.

Source: AA / Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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