Assan Aluminum plans a new sustainable investment of $95 million

Assan Aluminum (Aluminyum), one of the leading manufacturers of the flat aluminum industry, which has invested approximately $60 million in the last 2 years, will realize new sustainable investments of $95 million until 2024.

According to the statement made by Assan Aluminyum, Assan Aluminyum continues its investments without slowing down despite the epidemic.

Assan Aluminyum, which has made an investment of approximately $60 million in the last 2 years, plans new investments that will reach $95 million in the 2021-2024 period and increase its production capacity to over 360 thousand tons.

Focusing on sustainability in its new investments, Assan Aluminyum adopts a holistic approach to sustainability in a wide range from production to management, from supply chain to recycling, in line with the slogan ‘We produce the future without consuming’.

Assan Aluminyum produces clean energy equivalent to the annual electrical energy consumption of its production facilities in Tuzla and Dilovasi, with its renewable energy production facility in Manavgat.

Thanks to the I-REC International Renewable Energy Certificates it received for clean energy production, it can balance all of its scope 2 emissions. In addition, there is a recycling facility integrated into the Dilovasi facility, where aluminum can be recycled infinitely and at 100%.


Goksal Gungor, General Manager of Assan Aluminyum, whose views were included in the statement, said:

“In the light of our values of reliability, flexibility, innovation and sustainability, we continue to create added value for our country’s economy and fulfill our responsibilities towards our world and environment with our activities. Sustainability is the most important agenda item of our company. We have also received the Provisional Sustainability Performance Standard Certificate from the global aluminum industry initiative ASI (Aluminium Stewardship Initiative), which certifies the sustainability of both our Tuzla and Dilovasi production facilities and our recycling facility. Sustainability will be at the center of the new investments we plan until 2024.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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