Approximately 45 thousand foreign tourists come to Antalya on weekends

Antalya Governor Ersin Yazici said, “For about a month, we have between 25 thousand and 30 thousand foreign tourist arrivals per day. On weekends, it goes up to 40 thousand or 45 thousand a day.”

The season started fast in Antalya, which attracts tourists from all over the world with its sun, sand and beaches, as well as its history, nature and cultural values.

A good season is expected this year in the city, where almost all the hotels are full during the Ramadan Feast.

Antalya Governor Ersin Yazici stated that Antalya is ready for the summer season.

Stating that the density has started in the city, Yazici noted that this year’s expectations for the number of tourists and income are high.

“We will definitely surpass last year, we can approach the figures of 2019”

Stating that despite the Russia-Ukraine war, the tourism activity in the city makes both the people of Antalya and the sector happy, Yazici said, “We have between 25 thousand and 30 thousand foreign tourist arrivals for about a month, and it goes up to 40 thousand and 45 thousand per day on weekends. This period continues.

Reminding that Antalya hosted approximately 15 million 600 thousand foreign guests in 2019 and 9 million 94 thousand foreign guests last year, Yazici said, “If it weren’t for the unpleasant incident between Russia and Ukraine this year, the expectation was to exceed the figures of 2019, we will definitely surpass last year, we can approach the figures of 2019.”

“The ranking of the countries sending the most tourists has changed”

Governor Yazici noted that there has been a change in the nationalities of tourists coming to the city this year.

Reminding that last year, Russia was ahead of the list of countries sending tourists to the city, and Ukrainian tourists were in the second place, Yazici noted that Germany, Poland and England were in the top five. Pointing out that the ranking has completely changed this year, Yazici said:

“Last year, about 40% of the tourists came from Russia and 14% from Ukraine. About 55% of the foreign guests were from Russia and Ukraine. This year the picture has changed a bit. The number of guests since January is 1 million 218 thousand. Slightly below the 2019 figures, but a good number. In the same period last year, 445 thousand people came.

29.5% of the tourists coming this year are from Germany, 13.5% from England, 13% from Russia, 6.40% from the Netherlands and 4% from Poland. Our guests from Ukraine naturally decreased. However, arrivals from Europe and Northern Europe increased. The industry is very pleased with the increase in arrivals from Germany and England. Despite the war, we expect a good season.”

Stating that the market diversity in tourism has also increased, Yazici stated that both the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the industry have been making important studies to increase diversity for a long time. Stating that effective promotions were made throughout the world, especially in Europe, Yazici stated that very serious connections were established and there were especially returning from Northern European countries.

“One third of tourism income is obtained from Antalya”

Governor Yazici stated that tourism in Antalya is carried out at world standards and said, “We have shown our success to the whole world with the Safe Tourism Certificate in the period of Covid-19. No country in the Mediterranean basin can provide this service at our quality and at affordable prices. We do the best and we keep our prices low despite the service quality. This adds to our appeal.”

Emphasizing that Antalya ranks first in Turkey in terms of both bed capacity and the number of 5-star hotels, Yazici said:

“We have a bed capacity of around 680 thousand, we have 428 5-star hotels. This is a huge number. It is not even in many countries. Most of our 5-star hotels are in Manavgat. About one third of the tourists coming to Turkey come to us, we have the highest accommodation, in terms of duration. About one third of tourism revenues in Turkey are earned from this city. We will complete a good year. Our contribution to our country and the added value we create will be good this year as well. We will both provide service and bring income to our country in a way that will be applauded.”

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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