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Antalya has the most increasing in prices of Properties

According to the price index of estates that has been presented by Central Bank of Turkey (TCMB), with 25,4 percent, Antalya had the most increase in sales, in the last year. While Turkey’s average increased in value by 16,7, Antalya surpassed that percentage.

From the statement of Sur Construction, Antalya allows 100 thousand and more immigrants every year and also is favourite of domestic and foreign investors particularly Turkish investors living in abroad.

The Value Index of 5 Metropolis’ prepared by Market of Realty (GABORAS) presents Antalya as the most profitable city. Antalya has 10 districts in the list of the Turkey’s first 20 districts that have the most increase in values of housing.

Antalya is an option for a healthy life with it’s climate, convenient transportation, nature and history. Due to the international airport, warm climate and being the center of cultural tourism, Antalya is the favourite of investors and tourists. The increase in the population due to migration and the increase in the demand for realty are expected.

Kepez is the most profitable district

Kepez is the greatest urban transformation project of Europe and when it is finished, Kepez will be hosting a city that have giant public parks, schools, hospitals and be inhabited by 70 thousand people. Considering the span of amortization, the fastest comeback is made by Kepez and Muratpaşa as of May 2020.

People wanting to turn the mortgage loans with low interest of public banks to an opportunity, particularly prefer housing projects of private brands whose leader is Sur Construction Project in Antalya. We can say that the demand will make the increase in the prices continue.

While finishing the construction of the first stage of the 8 billion TL project, Sur Construction supports it’s credit package with ‘’Rahat bi Nefes Al’’ (‘’take a deep breath’’ in English)  campaign, maintaining the company credibility and creating an opportunity for those who want to buy a house. Campaign provides a due date of 15 years, non-payment in the first 12 months, interest of  0,15 monthly.

90 percent of the price is split into installments

In the project of Antalya the maximum amount of credit for per person is 500 thousand liras. The apartment prices with 10 percent discount requires 10 percent of down payment and are applied 0,64 interest with due date of 180 months on the remaining 90 percent of the price.

Sur Construction gives an additional discount of 15 thousand liras for health workers due to their struggle with Covid-19.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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