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Alya Mercan Project’s “Relieving” payment advantages

With the signature of BOSS4 Real Estate, of which Akkus Real Estate is a strategic partner, the Alya Mercan project is prepared to offer a “relieving colorful life” environment in Beylikduzu-Kavakli. It also gives investors a sigh of relief with its payment advantage.

According to the statement made by the company, advantageous payment opportunities are offered to customers in the Alya Mercan project. Accordingly, in the project, which is built in 4 blocks of 4 floors on an area of 5 thousand 548 square meters and consists of 84 flats in sizes 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+2, 5+2, 6+2, it has a 120-month maturity payment advantage with 0.97% interest.

In the project, the prices of apartments with sizes ranging from 97 to 326 square meters start from ₺600 thousand and extend up to ₺3 million. Deliveries of the project will be made in December 2022.

Abdulkadir Akkus, the Chairman of the Board of Akkus Group, emphasized that, as BOSS4 Real Estate, they are preparing to introduce the investors to the “relieving colorful life” environment in Kavakli, the most valued region of Beylikduzu with Alya Mercan as the first project of 2021. He stated that they aim to give them a sigh of relief with the payment advantage they offer to investors.

Akkus made the following statement on the subject:

“We promise our investors a “relieving colorful life” environment, starting with the features such as the central location of our project, the horizontal architectural design, the large garden that connects all the blocks, and the presence of a balcony in almost every apartment. Moreover, as we set out, we made a promise to our investors that we will complete our project quickly without interrupting our construction works and deliver deliveries on the date we have determined.

In order to fulfill our promise to our investors at the last point we have reached today, we are rapidly progressing with our construction works, adding a new one to the advantages we offer with our project. In an environment where interest rates are climbing again, we offer our investors the advantage of 0.97% interest rate and maturity up to 120 months. Thus, we diversify the advantages we offer to our investors. We make them breathe a lifetime of sigh of relief before opening the doors of a “relieving, colorful life”.

It will bring a new understanding of life to the region

With its location in the center of Beylikduzu, its horizontal architectural concept, and its atmosphere, Alya Mercan is preparing to bring a new understanding of life to the region. The project, which creates a spacious living space away from the crowd of the city, combines the advantage of its central location with the understanding of an isolated but at the same time active life. The project, which has a large garden that combines all 4 blocks, creates a socialization environment in nature with its social reinforcement areas.

Bringing families with children together with white-collar employees

The Alya Mercan project meets the expectations of families with children and white-collar employees at the same time, with apartments ranging from 97 to 326 square meters and high-level equipment.

The Alya Mercan project also attracts investors with its location. The project, which has a capacity of 600 yachts, is 5 minutes from West Istanbul Marina and 2 minutes from Yasam Vadisi, 1 minute from the school’s district, 5 minutes from the IDO pier, and 7 minutes from public transportation alternatives, 5 minutes from the TEM connection road, 5 minutes from the E-5 connection road, 1 minute from the nearest educational institutions and 5 minutes from hospitals.

Offering the most modern example of horizontal architecture, Alya Mercan creates a relieving living space with its wide garden that combines 4 blocks. Designed using the most modern construction techniques, the project supports the concept of a spacious living area with its special landscaping and landscaping, as well as social facilities such as a fitness center, children’s playground, sauna, indoor swimming pool, basketball, and football field. With its 24/7 security service, it offers a perfect security equipment that is indispensable for privileged living spaces.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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