Adel Kalemcilik will enrich the vocabulary of preschool children with ‘’ Platform

With the vision of being a consultant company in education, Adel Kalemcilik has launched the Platform to help future generations become more creative individuals with higher literacy and social skills and higher mathematical abilities.

With its experience of more than 50 years, Adel Kalemcilik continues to develop projects that will contribute to the sector and social benefit to the society, as well as bringing together the most known and preferred brands in the sector. The Platform prepared by the company in this context was introduced to the public at an online meeting.

In addition to many projects it has continued in the field of education since 2012, the company has opened the Platform, which aims to support the development of children’s vocabulary and therefore their mental development in preschool.

Research results support the project

At the meeting, Adel Kalemcilik has been focusing on the pre-school period, where child development is most effective since the beginning of 2020, when the epidemic started and education and training showed great changes, and information on “Children’s Vocabulary Research from the Eyes of Parents and Teachers”, the results of which were announced on April 1, were also shared. In the study, many important insights were obtained to raise awareness of preschool children on vocabulary. As a result of interviews conducted with a total of 800 people consisting of parents and teachers in 12 different cities representing Turkey, important results were obtained regarding the importance of children’s vocabulary and awareness on this issue.

Accordingly, 7 out of 10 parents find their preschool children’s vocabulary important, while only 3 are aware of the number of words their child uses. On the other hand, it was observed that the awareness of the children about the vocabulary of the children was higher than the parents, as the teachers were one-to-one observers of the learning activities. While 9 out of 10 teachers find their preschool students’ vocabulary important, only 6 are aware of the number of words the child uses. Both parents and teachers think that vocabulary development in children is highly effective in terms of comprehension and expression, effective communication skills, school success and creative thinking skills.

According to the research, the preferences of teachers and parents differ greatly regarding the activities aimed at teaching new words to preschool children. While parents prefer media use such as cartoons, television and songs in activities carried out with children to teach new words, teachers prefer more interactive ways such as playing games, word cards, and repeating words.

This data indicates that in order to improve their children’s vocabulary and contribute more to their mental development, parents need to spend more quality and interactive time at home with their children. Finally, 72% of parents do not find their preschool children’s vocabulary sufficient, while 76% of teachers state that preschool children’s vocabulary should improve.

Adel Kalemcilik saw the need to support the development of pre-school children’s vocabulary and therefore their mental development with the research on “Children’s Vocabulary Through the Eyes of Parents and Teachers”, and launched the Platform, which users can use completely free of charge, with its website and mobile application.

“A bright future with Platform”

The Adel Kalemcilik Platform, which was created based on the knowledge that the vocabulary of preschool children significantly affects their future creativity, literacy skills, mathematics ability and social skills, and that word richness indicates rich individuals in thought, aims to enrich the vocabulary of preschool children and carry them to a bright future.

Speaking at the presentation, Adel Kalemcilik General Manager Evrim Hizaler emphasized the vision of Adel Kalemcilik to be the consultant company in education and said:

“As Adel Kalemcilik, we have been accompanying the development of generations and supporting their creativity with our products and projects for more than 50 years. In line with our vision of being the company consulted in education, we would like to announce to you our Platform, which will support the development of children’s vocabulary and therefore their mental development and leave a mark on our children’s lives. Our platform,, which is one of the few projects carried out for the development of preschool children in Turkey, sows the seeds of becoming more successful, competent and spiritually healthy individuals in the future by improving the vocabulary of children in this age group.

Seeing the need in this field, we have implemented the Platform, which we work meticulously at every stage with academicians, especially Prof. Dr. Selcuk Sirin, with our website and mobile application, completely free of charge. We are very happy to contribute to a bright future both for our children and for our country by supporting the mental development of our preschool children with Platform. “

“Pre-school intelligence means vocabulary” Platform was designed based on both basic preschool skills in developmental psychology and the acquisitions determined by the Ministry of National Education (MEB), as a result of a preparation process of approximately one and a half years together with New York University Faculty Member, Author Prof. Dr. Selcuk Sirin and his team. Accordingly, 1500 words were determined in 70 different categories, taking into account concepts such as number, counting, sense, emotions, time, opposite concepts, size, quantity, location-direction in space, color, and shape. All content on the platform has been fictionalized by considering the contextual relationships of different words and narrating them. Thus, it is aimed that children will have the opportunity to learn the use of many other words besides the 1500 words offered on the Platform.

After the video that teaches each word set, there are also activity suggestions that will enable the child to spend quality time interactively with the family. Thus, while the activities and learning of children are physically supported, it also contributes to the development of their motor skills. Children have the opportunity to learn by spending quality and interactive time with their parents, communicating and expressing themselves, as experts recommend.

In the Platform, while complying with all pedagogical rules in the field of child development, it is also aimed to trigger the learning motivation of children and ensure that their learning processes continue. On the platform, kids earn honey points as they watch content. However, this honey score is not used to compete among themselves and is not linked to any award. In this system, the only goal is to earn honey points, that is, honey points are used as a gamification element to increase learning motivation. This, according to experts, is extremely healthy in terms of child development.

“Intelligence development in preschool is directly proportional to vocabulary”

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Selcuk Sirin said, “Research shows that the development of intelligence in preschool is directly proportional to the vocabulary. Intelligence is the most important factor affecting the understanding and expression skills of our children. 90% of brain development is completed in pre-school period. That’s why I say stop everything and invest in vocabulary. Because the period when we will make a difference in our children’s lives is the pre-school period. While the rate of starting school between the ages of 3-5 in Turkey is 42.8%, this rate is 87.6% in OECD. Having a rich pre-school vocabulary allows children to express themselves and understand what is being told. However, the figures show that more than half of the children are not ready for school. “

Sirin said that when they started to work on the Platform, they both examined the latest applications in the scientific literature and also implemented the most comprehensive field research on this subject and evaluated the data obtained. Sirin continued his words as follows:

“We took care that the contents on the platform take into account the basic gains determined by the Ministry of National Education, deal with the contextual relationships of different words, and narrate the learning process in a way that makes the learning process more efficient. With Platform, in addition to the video content we prepare visually and aurally, our children will be able to exercise physically, especially motor skills, with our special activity suggestions for each content, they have the opportunity to develop other skills that are important in their development, to spend quality and interactive time with their parents, to communicate and express themselves. Every preschool child will be able to benefit from the Platform free of charge and improve their vocabulary. As a result, another generation will start school ready. Our goal is to contribute to raising generations that understand what they read and express themselves well. “

“We are developing projects in the field of qualified education”

Nazli Ercilli Soylu, Marketing Director of Adel Kalemcilik, said, “As Adel Kalemcilik, we have been developing projects in the field of quality education since 2012. With our experience and observations in the field of education, we have implemented the Platormu by focusing on the preschool period, which is the most important process of child development. With the Parents ‘and Teachers’ Vocabulary Research, the results of which we announced on April 1, we saw that the awareness of the importance of vocabulary should increase in the eyes of parents and teachers.”

Soylu said the following regarding the details of the platform:

We are opening our 1500 Platform, which we have developed and designed as a sustainable project, free of charge to children, parents and teachers as of April 20, with 40 videos and activities containing approximately 720 words. By the end of 2021, we aim to reach our goal of 1500 words by adding 75-80 videos covering more advanced words and concepts to the site. We aim to enable Platform to contribute to the mental development and vocabulary of children as well as to spend quality and interactive time with their parents thanks to our activity files, which are designed to be printed out easily at home, as downloadable on the platform. In addition to the website, the platform, which was designed completely free of charge with both Android and IOS compatible mobile application, was also appreciated by non-governmental organizations. Anadolu Foundation and TOCEV support Platform.”

Adel Kalemcilik celebrates April 23 with the Children’s Festival

Adel Kalemcilik will continue to underline the importance of vocabulary with the “Adel Kalemcilik Children’s Festival” to be held on April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. Within the scope of the festival, which will be broadcast on April 23, from @Adel_Kalemcilik and @ Adel.Turkiye Instagram and Youtube accounts between 12.00-17.30, there will be conversations on the development of early vocabulary with guests who are experts in their subject, and online workshops for children to spend quality and interactive time with their families.

Sunay Akin, academician Prof. Dr. Belma Tugrul, Creative Children’s Festival director Derya Topcu, KidZania Istanbul General Manager Ebru Timur, Child development specialist Ozge Selcuk Bozkurt, painter Yigit Yazici, children’s books writer Tulin Kozikoglu are among the festival participants, who support Adel Kalemcilik’s goal of developing children’s vocabulary and preparing them for a bright future on a voluntary basis.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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