A brand new digital banking experience from Burgan Bank: ON

Offering innovative and distinctive solutions to the needs of users with its boutique banking approach, Burgan Bank introduced ON, the new digital banking brand it created for users who do not want to settle for existing banking applications and prefer to keep control of their savings regardless of amount. Burgan Bank, which will provide services to its users through digital platforms with the ON brand it has brought to life, always changes the perspective of its customers on banking with advantageous interest rates, free money transfers, profit-making schemes and many other advantages.

Burgan Bank, which stands out with its digital banking investments, combined its expertise in this field with its strength in deposits and investments, and launched its new brand ON. ON, which will appeal to customers who are familiar with transacting on digital platforms and who want their savings to be valued even if they are small, offers users a comfortable, secure and brand new experience where they can become their own banker. Users can become ON customers in minutes with video calls and have the opportunity to easily perform many transactions, including deposit and investment transactions, money transfers, foreign exchange transactions.


One of the main features that distinguishes ON is its “winner world”. ON users not only do not pay for their transactions, but also regularly receive advantageous interest rates on their savings, as well as earn returns on many transactions, from bank card purchases to bill payments.

Burgan Bank General Manager Murat Dinc said that they aim to make a difference in the sector with their new digital brands that focus on customer satisfaction and are designed entirely for user expectations. “As Burgan Bank, we always follow technological developments closely and integrate innovations that will create value for our customers in banking transactions into our systems. By putting our customers at the center, we regularly review our processes and design our service models to be end-to-end digital. With our new brand ON, we will continue our digital power and success by reflecting our bank’s vision and strategy to our customers more effectively.”

Stating that their customers will be able to meet all their banking needs only through digital channels, without the need for a branch, Murat Dinc continued as follows: “We have implemented the ON brand in order to meet the expectations of our customers who want to evaluate and manage their savings. Our customers will do their own banking with ON. We are aware that our customers are in control of the money. We stand before them as a digital banking experience that offers the opportunity to earn refunds from their own banking transactions.”


Murat Dinc, stating that the most important feature of ON will be its perspective on its customers, said, “We have determined our motto at ON as ‘The bank of those who are not satisfied with nine’. As the banking sector, we aim to go beyond the usual features that users are used to, such as cost-effectiveness, mobile service, and time-saving technologies, which we call the hygiene factor. We offer a completely different banking experience with no cost from money transfers, always offering high rates to your deposits, our setups that make you earn as you make transactions, and many more advantages. Our users will begin to experience the winning world from the first moment they step into ON’s world. They will find many opportunities together such as ON Account, which offers advantageous interest rates, where they can evaluate their savings with peace of mind, without thinking, ‘Is there any better’, ON investment packages that offer convenience in transactions with free data broadcast packages, and ON Debit card that earns as they spend.”


Stating that they have added a new one to their investments in the digital field with the ON brand, Burgan Bank Digital Banking Group President Natur Suntur emphasized that they will be a strong player in the sector and said: “With ON, we will first offer our customers easy, transparent, profitable and free banking. The biggest feature that distinguishes ON from its competitors will be its customer perspective and benefits. ON will be positioned as a digital bank brand that promises ‘We are aware that you do the banking transactions and we will give you your due with this awareness’. The benefits we will offer to our customers are a constantly evolving mobile application that provides a smooth, uninterrupted and easy experience at every stage; an easy-to-understand language and style that stays away from complex banking terms, benefits, opportunities and possibilities in the current applications of the digital world; in e-commerce, constructs that make you feel always profitable, performing banking transactions free of charge, that is, no cost; a user-friendly, easy and fluent interface and experience. Of course, besides all this, our customers will always feel Burgan Bank’s global power and trust behind them.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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