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6.6 magnitude earthquake in Seferihisar, Izmir

According to the latest earthquakes list published by Bogazici University Kandilli Observatory & the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), a frightening earthquake occurred off the Aegean Sea and felt in a wide area, while it was noted that the epicentre of the earthquake was Izmir Seferihisar, the shaking was severe in many provinces such as Istanbul, Manisa, Bodrum and Urla. It was shared that there were buildings destroyed in Bayrakli and Manavkuyu ​​after the earthquake in Izmir. The intensity of the earthquake was announced as 6.6.

Izmir Seferihisar Mayor:

 “At the moment there is no news of a death and so on. Everyone is out of their hectic houses. We have experienced 3-4 aftershocks. Still, the aftershocks continue. There is no negative news. Everyone is out now.”

Izmir Bergama Mayor:

 We were in the municipality at the time of the earthquake. Our villages are being searched one by one right now, we are trying to reach our mukhtars. Our friends are at work. It was a really severe earthquake. I hope it doesn’t repeat. There is no news of destruction coming from here so far. We didn’t feel aftershocks either.

5 buildings are destroyed in Bergama and Bayrakli

Making statements on the live broadcast, Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Kurum talked about the earthquake.

“5 buildings were destroyed in Bornova and Bayraklı. We have citizens under the rubble.”

It was reported that a dust cloud spread to the city after the earthquake. Small scale tsunami warning was issued.

Earthquake expert Prof. Dr. Suleyman Pampal made a statement on the subject:

“The good thing is that the frequency of large earthquakes is less, this benefit. There is a 10-15 fold difference between 6.6 and 7. 6.6 still has a destructive effect in our country. The acceleration of the earthquake decreases as it moves away from the upper centre. It is a chance that the earthquake is in the sea, it also reduces its destructive effect. The earthquake is felt over a wide area. “

source: sabah.com / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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