$46 million investment plan from Banvit

Banvit will invest a total of $46 million to increase production capacities. With this investment, the company aims to increase the capacity of chicken meat and ready-to-cook products.

Banvit will invest a total of $46 million to increase the production capacity of the Bandirma Chicken Production Facility and the Bandirma Advanced Processing Facility.

It is aimed to start the investment in 2021 and gradually increase the capacities of the two production facilities located in the Bandirma main production campus in the next 2 years.

When the investment is completed, the company expects to increase the production capacity of the Bandirma chicken production facility by approximately 12%, and the production capacity of the Bandirma further processing facility, where coated and cooked products and delicatessen products are produced, by approximately 40%.


Tolga Gunduz, CEO of Banvit BRF, stated that they aim to further the company’s position in the market with these new investments; “We will continue to add new products to our product portfolio with our new investments that we aim to complete in 3 years in total. We plan to achieve our growth in the coming years by focusing mainly on innovative products.”

Gunduz continued his words as follows; “By increasing our capacities, we aim to provide employment opportunities for about 600 more people in different fields from production to logistics and storage and to increase our total number of employees to 6,000. We are trying to increase the recyclability rate of our packaging materials we use from 98% to 100%.

In addition, we aim to reduce our water use in our facilities by 13% by 2025.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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