45 planes take off and land in 1 hour: Antalya Airport

The number of tourists is increasing due to restarted flights in Antalya and the measures against the pandemic are taken at a serious level; measures are everywhere from the first step out of the plane to the accommodation places.

More tourists started to come after the direct Russia flights are restarted at Antalya Airport. Bilgihan Yilmaz, the general manager of Fraport TAV Antalya Airport stated that Russian tourists started to come to Antalya via indirect flights from Istanbul as of August 1. Yilmaz said:

‘’There was a serious increase in the number of Russian tourist in August 10; nearly 23 thousand tourists came to Antalya at this day. This number was decreased to nearly 16 thousand in August 11 and 12. This swift entrance to Russian market contented us and tourism professionals.’’

Yilmaz mentioned that they still have not reached the last year’s tourist number and in fact they only reached 50 percent of domestic flights and 40 percent of foreign flights of last year. He said:

‘’ We see 40 domestic and 150 foreign flights daily, this means 200 planes take off and land daily. If you asked us about these numbers a few months ago we could not have guessed that much. Dynamics are now turning; we move forward not backward. We see 30 foreign flights and 10 to 15 domestic flights taking off at peak hours.’’

‘’We have visitors from 31 countries.’’

Yilmaz said: ‘’Many markets around the globe have not started to operate properly yet, and even though the travel restrictions are lifted in Germany the recess period is about to end. That is why we are expecting a decrease in tourist number; we only wait couples who do not have children and elderly guests.’’

Yilmaz reminded that Antalya hosted guests from 193 countries last year and said:

‘’We have guests from 31 countries now and we hope that this number will reach hundreds again. England started tour packages in August 1 and Poland flights are also unbanned; we hosted the first flight from Poland 3 days ago. Big markets like Russia, Germany, Ukraine, England and Poland are all open now. We expect an increase in the number of the Polish and German tourists. ‘’

‘’We reached the last year’s number from Ukraine market.’’

Yilmaz stated that flight numbers of all markets are now lower than the last year’s; yet, there is a serious increase in Ukraine market. He added:

‘’ Ukraine is our third biggest market; the numbers are the same as last year’s right now and this is a great improvement. We may see the same increase in Russia market too.

Antalya Airport has one domestic and two foreign terminals and both of the foreign terminals are open now. The abundance of flights is not as much as the last year’s, yet we care about social distance; that is why we keep both terminals fully operated. Antalya Airport at it’s full capacity is presented to our guest.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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