4 thousand buildings in Istanbul should be renewed urgently

IMM AK Party Group Deputy Chairman M. Tevfik Goksu listed the solution proposals for a possible earthquake in Istanbul and stated that 4 thousand buildings in the city should be renewed urgently.

Speaking at the IMM March assembly meeting, IMM AK Party Group Deputy Chairman M. Tevfik Goksu offered solutions for a possible earthquake in Istanbul. According to the news in Sabah, Goksu said that urban transformation in Istanbul should start urgently and made the following suggestions:

“1. First, abandon the politicization of the earthquake issue and the politics of denial. So, leave the lies and slander. Do not deny what has been done so far, nor deny the responsibility that the laws and this city gave you.

2. Do not escape responsibility by trying to design on institutions outside the jurisdiction of IMM, such as the Earthquake Council. There are pending issues in your jurisdiction, take care of them. Realize the ‘Resilient Istanbul’ project designed by the IMM Directorate of Earthquake and Ground Analysis during the AK Party period. There is no need for legislative changes for this. Take a quick step in this regard. Let’s give the necessary support.

3. Do not destroy the anti-earthquake budget because of denial and irresponsibility policy. Because urban transformation is the only way to do this. Allocate money for urban transformation. This is both a political and moral responsibility and there are legal responsibilities imposed on you by the urban transformation numbered 6306 and the municipality law numbered 5216, and there are very urgent waiting jobs that I mentioned above. With what logic are you going for a budget cut? Make a budget revision immediately and bring it to the parliament. Set aside 10% of the money that comes to you from the Central Government, that is, at least ₺2 billion for the earthquake.

4. In addition to these urgent works, what is your roadmap for the construction of the 100 thousand houses you committed to Istanbul residents? Explain this as soon as possible.

5. Immediately write the “Istanbul Earthquake, Loss and Damage Estimates” report, which you changed the name of, made during the AK Party period, to the “Emergency Plans”.

6. Stop trying to prevent urban transformation projects and telling lies about it.

7. Fulfill your legal responsibilities regarding emergency structures. Immediately renew approximately 4 thousand houses that are under the responsibility and authority of IMM and need urgent renovation.


M. Tevfik Goksu said the following about the approximately 4 thousand independent sections that the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization declared as a ‘risky area’ in Istanbul and their renewal is under the responsibility of IMM:

“8 independent sections in Sariyer Rumelihisari District, 117 independent sections in Beykoz Cubuklu District, 412 independent sections in Buyukcekmece Mimar Sinan District, 1540 independent sections in Eyupsultan Aksemsettin, Alibeykoy and Circir Neighborhood, 227 independent sections in Kagithane Gursel District, 1584 independent sections in Sariyer Derbent District. Why are you waiting to take a step towards this neighborhood and residences? Doesn’t the lives of thousands of Istanbul residents living in these areas matter to you? If you cannot do these, at least in your presentation, demolish and rebuild 224 heavily damaged buildings that you said ‘we need to intervene very, very urgently’ but have not did anything for 2 years.”


Stating that IMM and CHP municipalities did not demolish risky buildings for the Istanbul earthquake and behave negligently, Goksu said, “Not only IMM but also CHP district municipalities are negligent about the buildings that need to be demolished urgently. According to the chart on the graph of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning regarding the buildings that have not been demolished although the riskiness is certain, there are 974 risky buildings in Istanbul, that is, buildings that need to be demolished and are still not demolished. When we look at the distribution of these buildings by districts, what do we see? All of the top 6 districts are municipalities that have been administered by the CHP for years. Do I need to say anything else?”


“For a possible devastating earthquake and other risks in Istanbul, renewals should be implemented immediately today,” Goksu said, “Precautions should be taken to avoid saying get well soon. Remember that ₺1 you don’t spend for an earthquake will cost you ₺7 later. Finally, inspired by the Chinese proverb to plant trees; “The best time to take precautions for earthquakes was 100 years ago, and now is the second-best time.”

Source: Emlakkulisi / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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