Zorlu Energy Solutions build 100 new charging stations for electric cars

Zorlu Energy Solutions (ZES) is one of the biggest Zorlu Energy investments in the new generation electric technology. ZES serves at 56 cities with 100 new charging stations located at 266 spots.

According to the statement of Zorlu Energy, 2 years old ZES increased it’s share in the marketplace to 40 percent within the last investments.

Zorlu Energy improves to be ‘’the future energy company’’ via it’s new generation technologies; the company keeps opening charging stations in Turkey in order to popularise the usage of electric cars.

The charging stations were spread in 56 cities and the stations are located at 266 spots with 466 sockets after the new investments. The company will also build charging stations in 17 new cities; Amasya, Bartin, Bingol, Burdur, Kahramanmaras, Kilis, Nigde and Sanliurfa cities.

Sinan Ak, the CEO of Zorlu Energy said:

‘’We want to increase the prevalence of the usage of electric cars via ZES; electric cars hold an important position for the world’s transition to renewable and sustainable energy production.

Zorlu Energy follows the innovations in electric vehicle market closely. The interest towards the electric car has been increased after the introduction of local electric car; we want to popularise the electric car in our country via ZES.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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