Ziraat Bank creates ‘Standby Credit’ for businesses

Ziraat bank adds another contribution to the normalization process; the bank created ‘’Standby Credit’’  as part of the System of bailment by Treasury Support and approved by KGF (Credit Guarantee Fund), for the cafes and restaurants that are recognized as actively working  by Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The aim of ‘Standby Credit’

The credit is created with the aim of meeting the business’s main area of activity expenses. The businesses which have the certificate given by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and are counted as card acceptors can benefit from this credit solely for the main area of activity and related expenses. The extensions of the credit ranges; non-payment till 6 moths, dated till 36 months and per-annum rate of 7,5 percent.

Ziraat Bank will continue to  help the economy of the country. Here are the amount for credits of the turnover and maximum amount:

Turnover amount (TL)Maximum amount (TL)
0-3 million1.000.000
3-25 million5.000.000
25-125 million12.500.000
125 million and above20.000.000

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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