Zinc factory opened with the participation of President Erdogan: Turkey will become an exporter

The Zarova Bridge, on the Zarova Stream on the Siirt-Eruh highway, with a length of 355 meters and a width of 15 meters, using 60 seismic isolator support wedges against earthquakes, was opened with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Nation’s Garden, Sirvan Dam and HEPP, 72 public and 3 private investments, especially the Zinc Smelting Facility, which was implemented by Lineer Metal Inc. in Siirt Organized Industrial Zone with an investment of $102 million, became operational.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “I hope that in a not very long time, we will put all these price movements and currency fluctuations on a reasonable and stable line.”

Stating that some of the high price increases, especially in energy and food, stemmed from the excessive rise in global commodity prices, Erdogan said that some of these high prices are expected to rebalance.

Expressing that one of the reasons for the exorbitant price increases seen in some products is the “greedy opportunists in the market”, Erdogan said:

“I am calling out to my country, to stockists from here. When we catch those who stock up on all these goods in warehouses, regardless of product, they will pay the necessary price. We see the traces of this greed from time to time in the increase in exchange rates. Hopefully, in a not too long time, we will put all these price movements and currency fluctuations on a reasonable and stable line. By Allah’s leave, from the first months of next year, we will see that we have reached a level where we have started to catch up with the standards of really developed countries in economy.

In 2023, we will appear before you with the pride of fulfilling another promise we made to our country and nation. Of course, you cannot explain this picture to those who do not believe in their own country. We could not tell them about the roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, airports, hospitals, and public gardens we built. We could not explain to them that we had beaten terrorist organizations and that we had started our security beyond our borders. We could not explain to them the strength of our country in the international arena. Let them not understand the historical change we have started in the economy. Our nation understands us, our nation supports us, that is enough for us.”

Stating that their investments in both the country and Siirt are obvious, President Erdogan conveyed what they have done in 19 years with an investment of ₺12 billion in Siirt.

“They don’t have a single piece of garbage to put next to it,” said Erdogan, adding that they have built 2,679 new classrooms in the field of education.

Reminding that they opened Siirt University, Erdogan explained that they built higher education dormitory buildings with a capacity of 3,824 people, and they built 22 sports facilities.

Stating that they have transferred ₺2.6 billion to those in need, President Erdogan continued as follows:

“We have completed the construction of 6 hospitals and 36 health facilities with 560 beds in health and put them into service. Currently, the construction of 2 health facilities continues. The project work of our 400-bed state hospital, which we will build in our city, continues. In Environment and Urbanism, we implemented 2 thousand 271 housing projects in Siirt. We have completed 1815 of these houses and put them into service of our citizens. The construction of 456 residences along with social reinforcement areas continues. We are about to complete our Siirt National Garden. We are starting the construction of our Tillo National Garden as soon as possible. In transportation, we increased the divided highway length, which we took over from 7 kilometers, to 128 kilometers with the addition of 121 kilometers. With the Siirt-Kurtalan-Resat Baysal Variant under construction and the airport connection, we will complete the Batman-Beşiri-Kurtalan road next year, and the Eruh-Fındık road and Sirnak-Pervari-Darli junction road in 2023. We are also making the tender for the construction of the Siirt-Pervari road, we will start soon. In Agriculture and Forestry, we commissioned 8 drinking water plants to solve Siirt’s long-term drinking water problem. We brought our people together with nature with Tillo Historical National Park and Tillo Nature Park.”

“We gave premium incentives of ₺390 million”

Expressing that they have provided ₺650 million of support to the farmers of Siirt, Erdogan noted that with the 196 investment incentive certificates they have issued in the last 19 years, they have paved the way for the employment of 10 thousand people to come to the city, as well as a fixed investment of approximately ₺5 billion.

Noting that work is being carried out for the establishment of a specialized organized industrial zone based on agriculture, Erdogan said that they have given a premium incentive of ₺390 million to business owners in the city.

“Thanks to these efforts, the number of active insured persons in Siirt, which was 23 thousand in 2002, has now approached 60 thousand,” Erdogan said.

In energy, he stated that they brought natural gas to Siirt, Kurtalan, Tillo, and that the natural gas infrastructure in Kayabaglar is about to be finished, and that they will provide natural gas to Baykan and Veysel Karani in 2023.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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