Young entrepreneur exports aromatic oils to 28 countries

26 years old Berkay Tuncay exports aromatic essential oils that he produces in Uşak. He aims at making more sales at foreign market via the support of Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution (TDKD). He exports to 28 countries.

Tuncay lives in Kızılcasöğüt town of Benaz. He planted aromatic plants such as; aniseed, sesame, hash, black sesame to his father’s farm land while studying at Emergency Medical Technician department of Uşak University in 2012.

Tuncay couldn’t sale the product with his dream price so he extracted the oil from the seed in his 15 square meters workplace. Gradually the young entrepreneur commercialized his products on social media; he built his company in 2016 and reached out his clients via e-commerce with the increasing interest in essential oils.

Production increased to 190 aromatic oils

Tuncay increased his product range with the equipment support of TDKD. He formed his own brand and increased the aromatic oil variety to 190. Young entrepreneur joined exports with a dealership that is made with a Turkish family living in German.  

He succeeded both in e-commerce and exports. He sales 10 thousand bottles of medical aromatic products to 28 countries per year. His work place was 15 square meters, yet it is grown to 350 square meters now. With the increasing production and exports, his workplace became inadequate; hence he asked for support of TDKD.

Tuncay’s project of constructing a 2 thousand square meters of production facility in Kızılcasöğüt was approved by TDKD and he got 1 million 300 thousand liras support. The foundation of the facility is laid and the construction has begun. The facility will be started operating next summer.

Our youngster should be entrepreneurs.

Tuncay said that his work has gradually been developed.  He said bigger the product range, bigger the need for work space.

‘’ We will have an approximate of 2 thousand square meters of closed area in the factory. TDKD provided us with 55 percent grant for the construction of the factory and the equipments. This project is worth 2 million 400 thousand liras; TDKD gave 1 million 300 thousand liras of this. We employ 25 people now; yet, we are planning to increase this to 50 people with the additional investments. I have been supported by TDKD two times. They do not reject the applications. I advise to all youngsters, do not say ‘I can’t.’ If I am succeeded, they can too. We started production in a 15 square meters of space; yet, we are planning to produce in 2000 square meters of space now. Our youngster should be entrepreneurs.’’

Tuncay said that he plans branching and exporting his products to whole world.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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