YOLO expands its service network: We will grow even more

YOLO continues to grow with its high-quality, affordable and comfortable transportation solutions against heavy traffic and parking problems, which are among the most important problems of today.

Haydar Colakoglu, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors at Colakoglu Metalurji and Egegaz and also Chairman of the Board of YOLO, stated that the demand for YOLO increased even more with the expectation of healthy and safe transportation, which came to the fore especially during the pandemic period, and said the following about YOLO’s expanding service network: “After Istanbul and Ankara, we continue our personalized transportation services with YOLO in Bodrum. With YOLO in acute conditions, we have surpassed 1 million rides this year alone. This is a source of great pride for us and for everyone who contributes to the development of YOLO. It makes us happy to see the results of our efforts with such positive results in the eyes of users.”

YOLO, which has been providing personalized transportation services in Turkey with instant call technology for five years, has expanded its service network in line with the healthy and safe transportation demand that has come to the fore especially during the pandemic period, and has exceeded 1 million rides in pandemic conditions only this year. Continuing its services in Bodrum after Istanbul and Ankara, YOLO draws attention with the investments it has taken and the steps it has taken to develop and expand the application since the day it was founded.

Stating that while a lot of time is spent due to heavy traffic, especially in big cities, there are also parking problems, Haydar Colakoğlu said: “With YOLO, we offer users a quality, affordable and comfortable transportation alternative against heavy traffic and parking problems. We see that the need for healthy and safe transportation of users has come to the fore during the period of time. We continue to meet the demands and expectations of users in this regard in the best way with the services we offer.”


According to YOLO’s data, there has been a significant increase in the preference of YOLO by those who want to meet their transportation needs without wasting time and without experiencing parking problems with vehicles that comply with hygiene conditions during the pandemic period. While the demand intensity increases in Istanbul, especially on the Bosphorus line, it is seen that users from Bebek, Hisar and Kurucesme often prefer YOLO.


Haydar Colakoğlu, who stated that they plan to increase the number of regions and the number of drivers served by YOLO in the coming period, thanks to the positive feedback from users so far, said, “Anyone who wishes can apply to become a driver from the website if they have the qualifications. We will grow even more as we increase the number of vehicles we serve. Because there is a gap in this field in the industry. As long as there is such an increase in the number of population, we predict that the demand for this service will increase. In addition, we plan to expand abroad with YOLO, which we have put into practice in Turkey in the coming years.”


YOLO, which is a completely domestic and legal practice, contributes to the development of transportation and reduces traffic, while at the same time, it ensures that many unregistered travels are recorded and taxed with VAT and Corporate Tax payments. In this respect, YOLO’s legal infrastructure becomes a role model for many entrepreneurs who are open to innovation.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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