Yildiz Ventures calls in new start-ups

According to the statement made by Yahya Ulker, Founder of Yildiz Ventures and the board member of the Yildiz Holding, the development of innovative business ideas is directed to Yildiz Ventures, the entrepreneurship office he established.

Yildiz Ventures provides support to innovative ideas and initiatives in many different fields, especially initiatives aimed at the rapid transformation in the food and retail sectors and the change in consumer expectations. Entrepreneurs who receive the support of Yildiz Ventures for their projects or products can benefit from many different opportunities, from cooperation with corporate companies to financial support, starting from the early stages of the process.

$ 30 million of investment in istegelsin

Yildiz Ventures has become one of the largest financial investors in the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem shortly after its foundation. The company, which has received more than a thousand applications in different fields, especially in food and retail, performs a meticulous selection process after examining all the ideas, products, and projects in detail.

istegelsin, remarkable initiative of the last period, is among the projects successfully implemented as a result of this evaluation. istegelsin, Turkey’s first online supermarket has become one of the important players in the sector in a short time with $ 30 million investment of Yildiz Ventures.

‘’Venture Capitals focus on new areas with the pandemic.’’

Yahya Ulker drew attention to the importance of agile and innovative initiatives in terms of adapting to change rapidly, said:

‘’ Venture capitals started to focus on new business areas, especially during the pandemic period. The great and rapid change we have experienced in social and corporate life has provided a fertile environment for innovative ideas. In this sense, we believe that investments will accelerate even more. As consumers spend more time at home with the new normal and turn to online shopping, new business models that respond to these needs shine. As Yildiz Ventures, we also support such initiatives, and in 2021, we aim to strengthen the start-up ecosystem and evaluate new business models and ideas with our investment programs.’’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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