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Works continues on the most important parts of Canakkale Dardanelles Bridge

The operations in Sekerkaya and Sutluce worksites are continuing for the ‘’ the canakkale bridge with the biggest centre span’’ project. The bridge will be the ‘’ bridge of symbols’’ after it’s construction will be completed due to it’s colours, figures and many features.

People will be able to cross the bosporus within 6 minutes via bridge; it took 35 minutes to cross via ship. The bridge is expected to prevent the long vehicle queues in the busy periods like summer.

The bridge is qualified as ‘’ the throat of Dardanelles’’; piers of the bridge will be in white and red, representing the Turkish flag. The constructions of the highway connection, bridge and doorway are still continuing in the Lapseki zone of the bridge.

Operations for the tollhouses, cross roads and junctions in the path convergence to Istanbul and Balikesir are still continued.

Temporary rope montage works the most important will also be started; it covers the biggest construction work of the bridge. The closing off the Dardanelles for transit ships is decided for the rope montage. In this sense, Dardanelles will be closed off on September 3 and 4 between 07:00am and 07:00pm in order to create a safe environment for construction works. The opposite shores will be connected for the first time by a rope after 2 days of construction.

source: hurriyet.com / translated by Bazaar Team

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