With One-click solar power systems installation for your roof from Gumbel Group

Gumbel Group can calculate costs and savings with “ElseRoof Simulator” online for those who want to install a solar panel system on their roof.

Gumbel Group, for those who want to install a solar panel system on their roof, can make cost and savings accounts on the internet with the “ElseRoof Simulator”.

According to the statement made by the company, in order to benefit from the simulator convenience offered by ElseRoof, one of the Gumbel Group brands, it is necessary to log in via Google, determine the area to be installed with the address information and mark it with the help of the simulator.

The power requirement, cost, and annual savings rate can be calculated with a single click by selecting the address to be installed, whether it is a home or a workplace, and by entering the monthly average electricity bill information and the most consumed time period.

With the simulator, carbon dioxide emission, the number of trees it coincides with, and similar environmental effects are also shared with those who want to bid.

Individual houses, sites, shopping malls, large roof areas in industrial facilities that want to reduce electricity consumption costs can be used as solar power plants (GES) and as long as electricity generation continues in these buildings, rooftop GES saves money.

On the other hand, the legal limit is 10 kilowatts in order to use it in households by generating electricity from the sun. To set up such a solar power plant, a cost of $750 per kilowatt and an average of 5 square meters of space for panels is required.

In places with megawatt-scale consumption, such as shopping malls and industrial facilities, GES can be installed at a cost of $450-470 per kilowatt.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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