White Goods Prices Will Increase

White goods sales continued to increase in the first 3 months of 2021. Total white goods sales increased by 29% between January and March compared to the same period of 2020. Turkish White Goods Manufacturers’ Association (TURKBESD) Chairman Can Dincer said, “I have to say that our product prices will increase in the coming period.”

At the meeting held online by TURKBESD, the sector’s first quarter data were announced.

Can Dincer, Chairman of the Board of the Turkish White Goods Manufacturers Association (TURKBESD), who made evaluations about the economic outlook of the world and Turkey at the meeting, reminded the revisions made in the world growth forecasts.

Pointing to the growth forecasts made for Turkey, Dincer also touched on the effects of the increase in inflation observed since September 2020.

He emphasized that Turkey’s white goods industry is a locomotive sector that exports around $4.5 billion annually and has a foreign trade surplus of approximately $4 billion, and reminded that TURKBESD member companies managed to export 22 million white goods in 2020.


Pointing out that white goods sales continued to increase in the first 3 months of 2021, Dincer said:

“The total white goods sales of TURKBESD member companies in 6 main products increased by 29% between January and March compared to the same period of 2020. In the first quarter of the year, we achieved satisfactory results for our industry. Especially, there is a very successful acceleration in our sales in Turkey.

Between January and March, our sales increased by 40% and our exports increased by 26% in the same period compared to the same period last year. Our total sales in 6 main product groups, including domestic sales and exports, increased 29% compared to the previous year and reached 8 million 521 thousand 513 units.

Turkey is the number one manufacturer of white goods in Europe. New opportunities may arise for our country after the pandemic. With its strong R&D, sub-industry and qualified workforce, we can make our country the technology base of world white goods production. “

Stating that the growth trend in the domestic sales of TURKBESD member companies in March continued, Dincer said that compared to the same period last year, there was an increase of 26% in domestic sales, 42% in exports and 43% in production.


Speaking about the cost increases in the sector, Dincer stated that it creates pressure on the producers to raise prices and that the increase that will be reflected in the product prices in the future will be beneficial to bring the demand forward, “I have to say that our product prices will increase in the next period. I think this is an opportunity for the consumer in the short term.

Stating that production continues in 3 shifts without stopping during the epidemic period, Dincer stated that these breakthroughs have been made with the sub-industry in white goods and that the sub-industry has an important place in the success.

Pointing out that the supply chain and logistics operations continue without stopping despite all the difficulties in the process, Dincer said, “We served our customers within the framework of hygiene rules with all our stores and services in the field. These factors enabled us to pass these periods successfully.”


Dincer said, “We thought that the support for short-time work allowance ended, was positive in our sector, but the support is now cut. With the ban, we will see how much damage many sectors have received, and we will closely monitor how much unemployment figures have changed. It is a gratifying development for us that the white goods industry production continues to be strong right now.”

Pointing out that there are steps to be taken in order to maintain the global competitiveness of the Turkish white goods industry and to raise the level of exports even higher, Dincer said, “It is important to determine the Paris Agreement as a strategic priority. Countries, especially China, announce their targets to be carbon neutral.

We know that the USA has put the Paris Agreement on its agenda again and that the EU positions the compliance with the Paris Agreement as a precondition in its trade policies. Approval of the Paris Agreement will be important for the continuation of our country’s export competitiveness.”


Semir Kuseyri, Vice Chairman of the Board of TURKBESD, made evaluations regarding the needs of the sector in his speech at the meeting.

Drawing attention to the importance of digitalization, Kuseyri pointed out the importance of digitalization and said:

“Digitalization has accelerated tremendously with Covid-19. In order to maintain our international competitiveness, our industry also needs to be digitized rapidly. We are in a transformation process where production processes are digitalized, robotic technologies, Internet of Things, data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud technologies and cyber security issues have become critical.

As a sector, we have production facilities with the highest automation level in Europe. Spreading digitalization to our entire ecosystem and realizing the workforce transformation required by digital transformation are among our top priorities. The incentives that our government will provide in the field of digitalization and R&D will be very valuable in order to move our sector further on a global scale.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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