WeChat Pay will be available at Istanbul Airport & other famous places in Turkey

WeChat is the most used messaging application of China and has 1.2 billion monthly users; WeChat Pay is the payment system in this application and now it can be used in Turkey thanks to ICBC.

According to ICBC Turkey’s statement, this project is put into use by online launching and signing ceremony. Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Cui Wei, Chinese Consul General of Istanbul, Dr. Liu Yu Hua Chinese Undersecretary of Ankara Embassy Economy and Commerce, Gao Xiangyang, the board chairman of ICBC Turkey, Kadri Samsunlu, the executive president and general manager of Istanbul Airport (IGA) Operations, Ali Senher, the CEO of Unifree, Dave Fan the head manager of Tencent and authorities from the ICBC head quarters were the participants of the online ceremony.

WeChat Pay users visiting Turkey will be able to use contactless payment within the application thanks to ICBC Turkey. WeChat Pay has over 800 million monthly active users and daily transaction volume of 1 billon.

”Daily transaction volume of 1 billon can bring new cooperations.”

Minister Ersoy said in the online meeting:

‘’Social media applications are now used as an alternative solution in our lives.  WeChat represents an important population; WeChat Pay turns this potential into mutual benefit and this is a valuable example of today’s technology and it’s benefits.

I think that WeChat Pay will provide a great convenience and difference in IGA for Chinese tourists as soon as they step out from the plane. IGA already has world’s leading technological foundation and this provides an easy adaptation to new trends. Even if the first operation spot of this project is IGA, I believe that it will be used in popular destinations of Turkey in accordance with the requests of Chinese tourists.

Application’s daily transaction volume of 1 billion can bring new cooperations. Both ICBC Turkey and Tencent are aware of the Turkey’s great potential and the fact that it will be a profitable and wise investment. Ministry is ready to give the necessary support.’’

”We can improve our cooperations via mutual effort.”

Cui Wei, Chinese Consul General of Istanbul, congratulated the shareholder companies of this project and said:

‘’WeChat Pay project is realized because of your vision, coordination and innovation. This success will make China-Turkey economical cooperation improve in many other ways; we can improve our economic, touristic and cultural cooperations via mutual effort, this project is a good example of it.”

Dr. Liu Yu Hua Chinese Undersecretary of Ankara Embassy Economy and Commerce said that:

‘’ ICBC and Tencent has officially started the WeChat Pay project in Turkey.’’

”More than just an inspiring project.”

Gao Xiangyang, the board chairman of ICBC Turkey said that they are glad to unite Turkey’s geopolitical power and international power of ICBC.

‘’WeChat Payment Option Project, is more than just an inspiring finance project, it also shows the vast capacity of ICBC. We wanted Chinese tourists using WeChat Pay and visiting Turkey to be able use a payment option that they are used to. WeChat Pay is opened at IGA first and will be at many spots in Turkey soon.’’

”We are happy to have WeChat Pay application.”

Kadri Samsunlu, the executive president and general manager of IGA Operations said:

‘’IGA is an important global transhipment centre of it’s location and junction of different cultures. We are happy to have ICBC application of WeChat Pay in IGA. We aim at increasing the digital journey expectations of Chinese tourists and turning their time in the airport into a unique experience by serving them in a way that they are used to.’’

Another shareholder of the project Dave Fan, the head manager of Tencent, evaluated the project by saying:

‘’We are happy to cooperate with ICBC and our business partners in Turkey. WeChat Pay is valid in 40 countries and 16 currencies. We present a better experience to the users through the global improvement of the application. This experience also has an aim of helping the domestic businesses to improve their usage to a global platform.’’

We are content to cooperate with ICBC Turkey

Ali Senher, the CEO of Unifree said:

‘’We are content to cooperate with ICBC Turkey, the first bank to support us and standing by our side from the beginning. We are happy to host our Chinese friends in such comfortable environment.’’

The usage of the WeChat Pay option in Turkey

According to other statements, IGA has the world’s biggest duty free shopping spot and Chinese tourists admire that. 25 percent of the departure stores sale and 60 percent of arrival stores sale are made by Turkish passengers; after them, Chinese do the most shopping.

WeChat Pay project has been developed to present the users with an alternative payment option that is fast, easy and safe. WeChat Pay works integrated with WeChat. WeChat Pay users are provided with contactless payment option via their smart phones.

WeChat Pay system will be used in IGA and contractual payment points of ICBC at first step and will be used in other places more commonly in the future.  

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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