Vodafone Business: ₺12 million support for the digitalization of SMEs

Vodafone Turkey Senior Manager Engin Aksoy said, “We have once again joined forces with TOBB to accelerate the adaptation of SMEs to digital marketing and e-commerce.”

Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) and Vodafone Business, contributing to the digitalization of SMEs through organizations such as ‘Turkey Technology Meetings’ and ‘Digital Transformation Movement’, joined forces for the ‘Turkey 100’ program, where Turkey’s fastest-growing 100 companies were determined.

According to the Vodafone statement, Vodafone Business sponsored the 7th program to be organized this year under the leadership of TOBB, in cooperation with the Turkey Economic Policy Research Foundation (TEPAV) and the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB ETU). Vodafone Business will offer the ‘Data-Oriented SMS’ solution to all businesses that apply for the program, and the ‘E-Commerce Service Package’ along with ‘Facebook and Instagram Advertising Service’ to the top 100 businesses in the program. With these free products and services, Vodafone Business will benefit the businesses that participate in the ‘Turkey 100’ program and win the program, with a total value of ₺12 million.

Vodafone Turkey Senior Manager (CEO) Engin Aksoy stated in the statement that they have an important role in social transformation as a company that touches every segment of the society with its products and services.

“SMEs also have a share in the social transformation we target. SMEs, which are the lifeblood of Turkey’s economy, make up 99.9% of the total businesses. We see these businesses as part of our goal-oriented stance to prepare them for the digital world of the future. We have once again joined forces with TOBB to accelerate the adaptation of SMEs to digital marketing and e-commerce. We will contribute to the ‘Turkey 100’ program, which we sponsor, with free support packages that we will offer for SMEs. We will benefit the enterprises that participate and win within the scope of TOBB Turkey 100 program in total worth ₺12 million. With this cooperation, we want to show that we stand by our SMEs on the way to digitalization with our technological power. If our SMEs win, all of Turkey wins. Under the roof of Vodafone Business, we will continue to support the growth of SMEs with our digital solutions.”

Free digital consultancy to all tradesmen and SMEs

Vodafone Business has also prepared a support package for tradesmen and SMEs. Accordingly, all tradesmen and SMEs who want to benefit from the support package, regardless of whether they are Vodafone customers or not, will be offered free digital marketing consultancy for 3 months. In this context, tradesmen and SMEs will be supported especially in search engine and social media issues. In order to benefit from Vodafone Business’s support package, it is necessary to apply at ‘’. Vodafone Business aims to reach all tradesmen and SMEs across Turkey with its new support package. In the event that 100 thousand tradesmen and SMEs benefit from this service offered by Vodafone Business, ₺36 million worth of benefits will be provided to these customers.

The 2017-2019 period sales revenues of companies applying to the ‘Turkey 100’ program, which has been carried out since 2011, will be evaluated according to their growth rate and the top 100 companies that have increased their sales revenues at the highest rate will be determined. With the public announcement of these companies, visibility, which is one of the essential elements for continuing their growth, will be provided by programs led by TOBB. In this way, it will be easier for these companies to access new partners, customers and suppliers.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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