VakifBank launched Vinov, a new generation payment and collection ecosystem

VakifBank is preparing to put into service Vinov, a new payment and collection ecosystem that it has brought to life by combining its banking experience with the technology of the future.

According to VakifBank’s statement, Vinov, which incorporates the features of all money transfer, payment and collection systems in the market, and offers VakifBank guarantee in deferred payments, stands out with its feature of being used for all kinds of money cycles.

In order to use Vinov, which meets all needs between debtors and creditors, the creditor does not have to be a VakifBank customer.

VakifBank General Manager Abdi Serdar Ustunsalih, who gave his views on the subject in the statement, stated that they were very excited to sign an ecosystem that will make a name for itself in the banking system.

Stating that they have signed many firsts and pioneering products in digital banking, and that they have offered many services that provide speed, security and flexibility to customers, Ustunsalih said, “As we enter 2022 with Vinov, we are opening the door to the next banking and bringing the promises of digital banking into reality.”

Stating that Vinov is a new generation payment and collection ecosystem, Ustunsalih made the following statements:

“With this step, which will ensure the most comprehensive and radical transformation ever, we are creating a brand new financial ecosystem for our customers. We are proud to have developed this system entirely with our own resources, from design to coding. We see it as an important gain for our industry that Vinov, which we developed by considering market predictions and customer expectations, is coded from beginning to end by our colleagues.”


Serdar Ustunsalih stated that Vinov offers an alternative to all banking products such as credit cards, supplier financing, checks, promissory notes, DBS, open accounts, letters of guarantee, and that it is an ecosystem that is unique in the sector with its convenience, flexibility and liquidity feature.

Stating that Vinov provides non-cash and cash loan management by eliminating maturity mismatch, Ustunsalih gave the following information:

“It eliminates the liquidity problem for both the creditor and the debtor. Thanks to this system, a future VakifBank guaranteed value can be divided an unlimited number of times before or after that date, and it can be partially or fully discounted. VakifBank customers in every segment, from corporate to SME, from commercial to individual, can meet their cash needs whenever they need it. Moreover, those who are not yet our Bank’s customers can experience the next banking experience with Vinov.”

Ustunsalih noted that there is no system in business life that finances forward shopping without interest costs, “Our ecosystem, Vinov, eliminates the economy’s fundraising problems. It transforms deposits from being the raw material of credit into the fuel of credit.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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