US stock market opens mixed with high volatility

VIX volatility index jumps 3.6% to 20.16

Major indexes in the US stock market open mixed on Wednesday with high volatility as indices were hovering between positive and negative territories after the first bell.

The blue-chip Dow dived 33 points, or 0.1%, to 34,545, while the S&P 500 decreased 3 points, or 0.07%, to 4,439 at 9.40 a.m. EDT. The two indices climbed to positive at 9.45 a.m. EDT.

The tech-heavy Nasdaq was down 16 points, or 0.11%, to 15,021 at the time.

The VIX volatility index, also known as the fear index, jumped 3.6% to 20.16 in a highly volatile session.

The yield on 10-year US Treasury notes rose 0.5% to 1.285%, while the dollar index fell 0.14% to 92.50.

Oil prices continued their increase with strong gains as Brent crude added 2.7% to $75.61 per barrel, and West Texas Intermediate rose 3% to $72.56.

Precious metals reversed course from gains in previous session. While gold fell 0.3% $1,798 per ounce, and silver declined 0.05% to $23.85.


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