Uludag Exporters’ Unions exported over $5 billion in 2 months

Uludag Exporters’ Unions, which contribute more than $30 billion annually to Turkey’s exports, signed foreign sales of $5 billion 10 million 339 thousand in January and February.

According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent from the data of Uludag Exporters Unions (UIB), exports in the same period of this year decreased by 2.43% compared to January-February 2020.

The export of Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Union (OIB) within the body of UIB was realized as $4 billion 237 million 709 thousand during this period. OIB had a share of 84.58% in the total exports of the unions.,

In January-February 2021, the highest amount of exports from OIB was made to the European Union (EU) countries.

$579 million 30 thousand to France in the first place, $571 million 645 thousand to Germany for the second, and $411 million 276 thousand to Italy.

Automotive exports to EU countries account for more than two-thirds (69.57%) of the sector’s total exports.

Germany is the biggest market for textiles

Uludag Textile Exporters Union, which made the most foreign sales after OIB, exported $191 million 703 thousand of products in the January-February period.

In this process, $19 million 471 thousand of products were sent to Germany, which has the highest share in exports made under the title of “textile and raw materials”.

The Union reached $13 million 694 thousand of exports to Spain in the second place and $10 million 496 thousand to Italy in the third place.

The January-February exports of the Uludag Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Exporters’ Association were recorded as $136 million 142 thousand with an increase of 12.98% compared to the same period of the previous year.

The union, which makes the highest export to Spain with $38 million 288 thousand, has the highest export in the product group with $67 million 680 thousand in “women’s outerwear”.

The export of Uludag Fruit and Vegetable Products Exporters Association was announced as $29 million 376 thousand with an increase of 31.37% in 2 months of the year compared to January-February 2020, and the export of Uludag Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association was $15 million 16 thousand with an increase of 28.52%.

In the January-February period, “other unions” within the scope of UIB made over $400 million in foreign sales.

Thus, $5 billion 10 million 339 thousand of exports were made from UIB in two months of the year.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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