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Ukraine urges Turkish investment in privatization

Except some strategic institutions, most of 3,600 state enterprises on privatization list, says head of state fund

Dmytro Sennychenko, head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, urged Turkish investors to participate in major privatization projects in the country.

Sennychenko told Anadolu Agency that the government in Ukraine is planning to reduce the state’s presence in the economy and attract investors.

Noting that Turkish entrepreneurs are active in Ukraine, especially in the areas of infrastructure and telecommunication, Sennychenko said he hopes to see Turkish investors in privatization projects as well.

“Apart from some critical institutions, most of the 3,600 state enterprises are on the privatization list,”he said.

Sennychenko stressed Ukraine issued 1,900 tenders and received $108 million in revenue last year, four times more compared to the previous year.

Emphasizing that the whole process is transparent, Sennychenko noted that entrepreneurs can access information on the privatization initiatives on the fund’s website.


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