TYBA Vice President: Turkey has no rival in yacht tourism

Barbaros Gunes, the founder of Bodrum-based Barbaros Yachting Inc., who has made significant contributions to the recognition of blue tours in Turkey and the world, said that yacht tourism is one of the sectors that are expected to emerge from the pandemic the strongest.

Gunes, who is also the Vice President of the Turkish Yachting Association (TYBA), said, “Every crisis has opportunities to a certain extent. Our products also came to the fore with safety concerns and became even more popular. There was an additional demand for blue voyage in domestic tourism. Many people who had not tried these tours before due to various concerns rented a boat and were satisfied. In short, the blue cruise market has grown in domestic tourism.”

Yacht tourism came to the fore

Stating that there are factors that bring yacht tourism to the fore with the coronavirus, Barbaros Gunes said, “First of all, we organize our tours for a person or a group. There is no risk of external contact. You spend time outdoors, in the clean sea, with nature. You have complete isolation from land and humans. Our tours create an ideal environment to get sunlight, which is the main source of vitamin D, which is essential in order to get strong. There is an opportunity to eat organic foods accompanied by local foods, fresh fruits and vegetables.”

Gunes continued as follows: “I think that after the epidemic, the demand for personally designed luxury products in Bodrum and around the world will continue to increase. Yacht tourism is the most ideal product that creates personalized spaces and offers personalized service. Gulet and yachting are among the most competitive products of our country in international markets. There is no country that can compete with us in terms of price, performance, service quality.”

Source: Hurriyet / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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