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Two new signature projects in Cesme from Invictus Construction

Invictus Construction continues its boutique construction projects in Cesme after Dalyan and Izmir. Invictus Construction CEO Uzeyir Adiguzel, who stated that they received a very serious demand from home and abroad for Invictus Sunset in Invictus Alacati and Ilica, noted that they aim to be a reference not only for the projects in the Aegean region, but also for all construction projects in Turkey.

Izmir-based construction company Invictus Construction entered Cesme with two boutique construction projects in Alacati and Ilica, following Izmir and Dalyan. There are 1+1 loft apartments, suite duplexes, 2+1 grand duplexes and villas with pools in the 4-stage Invictus Alacati project, consisting of a total of 110 apartments and a boutique hotel. The first phase of the project, which was built with an investment of ₺250 million and was established on 15 decares, will be delivered in June 2021. The Invictus Sunset project in Ilica, where the construction is still ongoing, consists of 41 villas with pools in 3+1, 4+1 and 5+1 sizes with views of the Ilica beach.


Invictus Construction CEO Uzeyir Adigüzel, who stated that both ongoing projects met with great interest from both domestic and foreign countries, said that they wanted to produce projects that could be a reference for the whole sector. Emphasizing that they pay great attention to innovation and modernity in all the projects they produce, Adiguzel said that they always work with a focus on quality and that their concepts are based on harmony with nature. Stating that the projects in Cesme will be the favorite of those who want to transition to a garden and detached life, especially after the pandemic, Adiguzel said:

“Changing living conditions and increasing metropolitan populations lead people to live quieter and more detached lives. Considering these needs, we produce our projects in nature and we use new technologies. Architectural differences, high quality and interesting designs are among the most important features of our projects. Invictus Alacati, which we will start deliveries in June, is a project that emphasizes naturalness and aims to live 12 months. All houses were designed as smart homes and homeowners will be able to benefit from many facilities of the boutique hotel in the project, especially the SPA.”


Emphasizing that they always believe in Turkey and do not worry about making investments, Adiguzel said, “We are very happy that we can make these investments. The interest in both projects shows that we are on the right track. Boutique and selective projects made with the right architecture in the right place always pay off. The places where we realize our projects are also promising regions. Within the framework of the new dimension we have brought to luxury housing projects, we not only provide an upper segment life service, but also offer projects that earn while living.”

Underlining that they never had a goal of producing a lot, Adiguzel stated that they had established their plans on only one project per year. He emphasized that all the projects they will produce from now on will continue to be reference projects with their architecture, living spaces and technology, as before.

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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