Turkiye’s favorite tourism centers will be introduced in Italy

The team from Italy is recording the visual beauties of Cappadocia to shoot a promotional film about Turkiye’s tourism richness.

The team, which will prepare a promotional film covering Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum and Cappadocia and broadcast it on various television channels and social media platforms in Italy, continues their work in Cappadocia, the last leg of the film.

Recording the region from the sky with a hot air balloon, the Italian team shot in the valleys covered with fairy chimneys in Cavusin and Goreme.

The team, which continues to shoot in company with the President of the Turkish Film Commission, Sait Yanik, will soon return to their country. It was stated that the team made similar shootings in other countries under the sponsorship of a tourism agency in Italy.

Filming team coordinator Vanessa Berta stated that she believes that the historical, natural and cultural riches of Turkey will attract more attention of European tourists once the film is released.

Stating that sharing the images taken by tourists on social media contributes to tourism, Berta said that the films prepared with professional shooting also contribute greatly to the promotion.


Explaining that promotion is indispensable for tourism centers in the world, Berta said:

“We are shooting a promotional film to introduce the region to tourists in Europe and to attract more tourists. Istanbul is already the first stopover for tourists. It also contains many cultures. As you can see, there is no sea in Cappadocia, but all the beauties of nature are available. Archeology is particularly prominent in Cappadocia. Bodrum and Izmir are mostly gathered around the sea, sand and sun. Therefore, it will be much better for the audience to see them all as a whole. Cappadocia is very lucky because visitors who come here take visuals on balloon tours. The presence of social media creates a natural promotional environment. There will be more promotions every day, we can never say that the promotion is enough. We are here for him.”

The President of the Turkish Film Commission, Sait Yardimci, who organized the shooting areas, also stated that he was pleased to be in Cappadocia for a different project, where he had previously been for documentary filming.

Noting that the introduction of the promotional film in Italy will increase the interest in Turkish tourism, Yavas said, “Cappadocia is the most important of our natural and cultural heritage. The interest in the region is increasing due to the interest of foreign tourists, especially in balloon flights. We came for a new project in order to contribute more. The program will be broadcast as a promotional film on tourism-oriented television channels. Digital media is also growing day by day, so it will also be used in social media channels.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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