Turkiye’s exports soar to new monthly record in April

Exports climbed to $23.4B in April, figure for past 12 months now over $240B, says trade minister

A 24.6% annual rise pushed Turkiye’s exports to a monthly record of $23.4 billion this April,Trade Minister Mehmet Mus said Thursday.

“This amount is the all-time highest in monthly exports,” he wrote on Twitter.

He added that Turkiye’s exports in the last 12 months have climbed over $240 billion.

The country’s imports in April totaled $29.4 billion, an annual jump of 34.9%, according to the Ministry of Trade figures.

The foreign trade volume in April was up 30.1% on a yearly basis to $52.8 billion.

Turkiye’s largest export destination last month was Germany with over $2 billion, followed by the US at almost $1.8 billion and the UK with more than $1.1 billion.


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