Turkiye sees almost 1.3M foreign tourist arrivals in January

Foreign tourist arrivals last month jump 151% year-on-year

Foreign tourist arrivals in Turkiye reached almost 1.3 million in January, according to official data released on Monday.

The number of foreigners visiting Turkiye was 1.28 million in January,which jumped 151% from the same month of previous year, according to the Culture and Tourism Ministry data.

Istanbul, Turkiye’s biggest city by population, was the primary point of border entry for foreigners last month with 791,578 visitors using it.

It was followed by the northwestern Edirne city with 148,016 foreigners and the Mediterranean resort city of Antalya with 117,801 visitors.

Russians made up almost 10.5% of all visitors with 134,215. They were followed by visitors from Bulgaria and Iran, with 109,971 and 106,957, respectively.


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