Turkiye exported $22.1 million of fishmeal and oil

The income obtained from the export of fishmeal and oil from Turkiye in the January-May period increased by 71% and reached $22 million 193 thousand 838.

Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union (DKIB) Board Member and Fisheries Sector Committee Chairman İsmail Kobya stated that 7 thousand 921 tons of fishmeal and oil were exported to 17 countries in 5 months of the year.

Kobya stated that $22 million 193 thousand 838 were obtained from the foreign sales in question, “In the same period of last year, $12 million 981 thousand 539 were gained from the export of 6 thousand 294 tons of fishmeal and oil. The export of fishmeal and oil from our country was 26% in value. It increased by 71%.”

Pointing out that Peru, Norway and France are the countries with the highest exports, Kobya noted that unlike last year, exports were made to France, Yemen and Germany in this period.

Pointing out that Trabzon stands out in the export of fishmeal and oil, Kobya stated that $21 million 236 thousand 367 were gained from the export of 7 thousand 478 tons of fishmeal and oil from Trabzon to Peru, Norway, France, Colombia and Israel.

Kobya emphasized that they believe that the sector’s exports, which are improving every year, will contribute more to the country in the future.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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