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Wind turbine equipment will be produced in Izmir Kinik Industrial Zone

Dirinler Moulding, which is among the 10 companies that will receive support within the scope of the Technology Oriented Industry Move Program initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Technology announced by President Erdogan, aims to produce all the components used in wind turbines in Turkey with ₺170 million of investment.

The investment, which is expected to create an added value of ₺329 million in 5 years by producing large-sized wind turbine materials, will be realized in an area of ​​145 thousand square meters in the Organized Industrial Zone (Kinik OIZ) in Izmir’s Kinik district.

Melih Dirin, the board chairman of Dirinler Moulding Inc. stated that their companies have been in operation since 1974 and that they currently have an annual moulding capacity of 204 thousand tons. He said:

‘’ We are planning a facility capable of moulding large parts for the production of wind turbines and heavy industrial machinery bodies with the Kinik OIZ investment to close the current deficit of Turkey. We are planning a modern and technological moulding production line, which works with all its units in an area of ​​approximately 100 thousand square meters, for the larger of the work we are doing in a closed area of ​​35 thousand square meters. In the future, a processing facility and an assembly line will also be built, which will make the parts coming out of the foundry ready for the processing use.’’

Stating that 80 percent of their products are exported to Northern Europe, Germany and neighbouring countries, Dirin said:

 ‘’We realize about 50 percent of our production in parts for wind energy. We mould parts up to 15 tons in our facility in Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone (Izmir AOIZ). Above this, larger parts, which now require 25 tons of wind energy parts, will be produced in Kinik. In the first place, 100-150 people will work in the factory, but over time we will find a total of 500 people. ‘’

Emphasizing that they can mould many parts in wind turbines, Dirin said:

‘’There are pieces that we cannot mould in wind turbine now because of the current building and equipment capacity. This is one of the reasons why the investment in Kinik is strategic. We now plan to produce all of the wind turbine parts that can no longer be used and mould in Turkey by moulding these heavy and big pieces. The equipment to which the blades are connected are in different tonnages, around 25 tons for turbines of 3 megawatts or more. These types of parts have a simulation and pre-planning period. This also covers about 1-2 years. We have already completed our preliminary studies for the production of these parts with our current structure, our R&D centre. Generator of wind turbines are manufactured in Turkey at the moment and we manufacture most of these generator parts in our current facilities. After the facility in Kinik is completed, we will be able to produce other large tonnage parts here in high quality and in appropriate technology.’’

‘’The investment will be completed in two years.’’

Dirin stated that the schedule of the construction of the factory will be shaped according to the developments in the coronavirus epidemic, but that the construction can be completed in two years after laying the foundation. Dirin pointed out that they aim to serve all wind turbine manufacturers in the world and to contribute to the production of these turbines as Turkish products. He said:

‘’ This investment is a first in Turkey and has high added-value. This support is very important to us. Dirinler will be doing the brain of this business. In the coming period, we aim to export a 25-ton moulded iron piece in assembled form.’’

‘’North Izmir can turn into a wind power base.’’

Kinik Mayor Dr. Sadik Dogruer stated that after Kinik OIZ has been idle for years, they are satisfied with the development of the region in the last three years. Pointing out that Dirinler Döküm’s becoming one of the 10 companies that will receive support within the scope of the Technology Oriented Industry Move Program is a proud situation for both the company and Kinik, Dogruer said:

‘’With the arrival of Dirinler Mouldingin the region, the parts that will provide added value will be produced here. It makes us proud and honoured that every part of the biggest and most strategic parts of wind power plants with 15-17 tons in Cigli and 25 tons in Kinik can be produced. Kinik has the strategic importance such as the Istanbul highway connection and the port connection. North Izmir can actually turn into a wind power base due to the production of other parts. ‘’

Dogruer pointed out that the factory could be operational in 18 to 24 months after the Covid-19 outbreak is over, and said:

‘’Two years is too little time for such a project. In addition, the fact that Kinik is among the top 10 projects and the demand for additional land together with the management of the OIZ is an indication that the demand for Kinik OIZ has increased. We invite other companies to Kinik with the expansion area. and we are ready to be the ambassador of the ministry and all institutions in order to open the way for all companies as quickly as possible.’’

Ufuk Akgun, the board chairman of Kinik OIZ, pointed out that the region is at a strategic point and said:

 “There are manufacturers of blades and towers of turbines in Tepekoy in Bergama. Generator and tower production are entirely in this region. North of İzmir, Aliaga and Izmir ports and other possible ports may occur as being in the centre of Turkish wind energy production. We believe that in a very short time we will come to the point where we can send a whole turbine with all its parts from Aliaga or Izmir port. “

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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