Turkish home, kitchenware industry grows

Exports to EU countries rise as European companies change supply chains due to pandemic, says sector representative

Turkey’s home and kitchenware industry grew 33% in June, 7.7% in July, and 12% in August, said a trade group on Tuesday.

Talha Ozger, vice president of the Association of Household and Kitchenware Manufacturers and Exporters, said the sector closed last year with exports of $2.5 billion. He noted the Turkish home and kitchenware sector exports to EU countries made up 55% of the total, with the UK as the top buyer.

“European companies are changing their supply chains due to the coronavirus pandemic. If we can use this opportunity, we can contribute considerably to closing up our country’s current account deficit,” he stressed.

The home appliances will be labeled “Made in Turkey,” he said, adding Turkey has a competitive advantage compared to its rivals, offering cheaper prices to customers.

Anadolu Agency

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